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The MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam Honoo (aka Zeta Gundam Flame) is a mobile suit from Gundam Build Fighters Honoo.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Zeta Gundam Honoo is built by Yusei Kouen after he returned to Gunpla building and is based on a modified HGUC Zeta Gundam. As its name implies, it features a bright red color scheme that embodies Yuusei's fighting spirit. It is armed with the Caledbwlch, which in the world of GBF-Honoo is a rare item that is called the "Illusion of Gunpla". However, Yuusei somehow possesses large quantities of the weapon stored in a warehouse at home.


  • Vulcan Gun
  • 2-tube Grenade Launcher
  • Beam Saber/Beam Gun
  • Caledbwlch
A rare multipurpose weapon that came with an issue of the "Hobby Japan" magazine.
  • Shield

System Features




Notes & Trivia

  • The Caledbwlch used by Zeta Gundam Honoo is actually the same weapon as the Caletvwlch used by MBF-P02 Gundam Astray Red Frame. It is unclear why it is given a different English name although their Japanese name is the same.

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