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G-Saviour Mark Curran






Hair Color
  • Black
Eye Color
  • Black
  • Male
Love Interests
  • Former MS pilot
  • Underwater rig worker
Mobile Weapons

Mark Curran is the main protagonist of the 2000 live-action TV movie G-Saviour. A former Mobile Suit pilot who retired after an incident, he is forced into the cockpit of the G-Saviour to help defend Side 8 when a war breaks out with CONSENT.

Personality & Character

Mark puts the safety of his comrades first, and will not hesitate to go to a person's rescue. However, due to the trauma of his past, Mark refuses to fight in a mobile suit, until he is convinced to by Cynthia Graves.

Skills & Capabilities

Mark is noted by both CONSENT and Illuminati forces to be a skilled MS pilot. Examples of this include a difficult rescue operation and his easy takedown of several MW-Rai units, which the Freedom pilots could barely damage.


As a CONSENT Pilot

Little is known about Mark's past, but what is known was that he was once part of the CONSENT military as a mobile suit pilot who served under Jack Halle. One day during a military exercise, the mobile suit of Mark's squadmates sent out a distress signal, as his mobile suit engine had begun to fail. Mark requested to attempt a mid-air rescue, knowing he only had about four minutes before all the systems would fail, but he was ordered by Jack to leave him, who viewed the attempt as hopeless and not worth the risk of damaging the MS. Unwilling to abandon a squadmate, Mark disregarded orders but failed to save his friend, whose cockpit had caught fire. This incident haunted Mark as he not only disobeyed orders but also believed his hesitation killed his squadmate; the incident caused Mark to retire from mobile suit piloting. Mark would eventually go to work in an underwater rig known as Hydro-Gen, and would also start a relationship with a reporter named Mimi Devere.

Incident at Hydro-Gen

While excavating the ocean floor in a MMS-DS209 Guppy, a CONSENT Bugu mobile suit crashes into the ocean from orbit, and Mark goes to rescue him, despite the Guppy not being suited to the depth. Mark is able to rescue the pilot and brings him to Hydro-Gen, but the rig is soon stormed by CONSENT troops led by Mark's old superior Jack Halle. Jack informs Mark that there are intruders in the rig and questions Mark, who lies and says he knows nothing. Mark goes to check on the people but is followed by Jack and his men who discovers the stowaways. Jack has them killed until one of them, Cynthia Graves, surrenders. Jack nonetheless orders her execution, until Mark steps in to protect her, remembering the incident with his friend. The following morning it is revealed on the news that Cynthia was arrested and that the intruders were armed but taken care of all thanks to Mark. Mark, who is watching, denounces it knowing full well that the intruders were neither armed nor had ill intent, but Mimi scolds him for not taking in the glory to help advance their careers.

Meeting Cynthia & On the Run

Mark and Mimi go to a ball in honor of Mark's "accomplishment", where Mark once again runs into Jack. Mark questions Jack about the news report as well as what is happening, though Jack does not give him any information, resulting in an argument. Mimi scolds Mark, saying how at this rate, he would ruin her career plans, but then Mark is confronted by the head of the CONSENT military, General Garneux. Garneux attempts to persuade Mark to return to CONSENT, but Mark declines, so Garneux instead persuades him to interrogate Cynthia for information in exchange for securing the job Mimi wants, which Mark agrees to. Mark meets with Cynthia and asks her several questions, but she does not answer until Mark reveals to her that he is not with CONSENT. Cynthia tells him that she had been working with Dr. Riva of Hydro-Gen to grow food underwater, thus solving CONSENT's food shortage problem, and convinces Mark to take her to the lab to show him the sample. Mark takes her to meet up with Dr. Riva, with two joining their samples resulting in a successful bioluminescence; Mark convinces Cynthia to let him show Garneux the sample, but is soon confronted by Jack who labels Mark an accomplice. Mark and Cynthia flee, with Mark being framed as a fugitive to be apprehended, until they reach the air base, but cannot get in. Mark calls Mimi to come down and open it with her pass, and she agrees, Mark also meets Cynthia's friends, and Illuminati members, Kobi and Franz.

At Side 4

After joining the group, they fly a shuttle to Side 4 to search for the Illuminati. Once there, they join a party and ask for "Phillippe" drinks, bringing them to the leader of the Illuminati, Phillippe San Simeone. Phillippe then shows Mark the G-Saviour, and attempts to convince him to pilot it for their cause. Mark refuses, still haunted by his past experiences as a MS pilot.

While being transported to Side 8, the craft encountered debris, which Mark agreed to clear with the G-Saviour.

Battle of Side 8

Mark Curran commanded a force of Gaean RGM-196 Freedoms against CONSENT forces at the battle of Side 8. He later fought and defeated Jack Halle and his CAMS-13 MS-Rai before returning to Gaea to fight the two Bugus that had entered the colony.