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Genetic Type
  • Newtype
Hair Color
  • Ash Brown
Eye Color
  • Brown
  • Male
  • Soldier
  • Squad Leader
  • Ensign
Mobile Weapons

Mark Guilder (マーク・ギルダー Māku Girudā?) is a fictional character and one of the original characters of the SD Gundam G Generation series. In the early games, he is a random recuitable pilot like the other original characters. Since SD Gundam G Generation Neo, however, he has become one of starting characters and the default squad leader. He is the default pilot of the GGS-000 Phoenix Zero, GGF-001 Phoenix Gundam and GGF-001 Phoenix Gundam (Full Power).


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At one point Mark Guilder is assigned to the Cali Verse and also receives his very own Squad which includes Ranalow Shade and Ellis Claude with each piloting one of the Tornado Gundam's. Mark Guilder on the other hand pilots the GGS-000 Phoenix Zero until he later receives the GGF-001 Phoenix Gundam. At this point Mark Guilder passes down the GGS-000 Phoenix Zero to Ellis Claude and the two eventually formulate a combination attack between both Phoenix units. Eventually even the GGF-001 Phoenix Gundam would meet its match against ever more powerful opponents over their many battles. However, Mark Guilder is able to unlock the latent power within the GGF-001 Phoenix Gundam and by doing so he receives a considerable power boost in the form of the GGF-001 Phoenix Gundam (Full Power).

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  • In SD Gundam G Generation Zero and SD Gundam G Generation F, his portrait show him wearing Earth Federation officer uniform. He switch to Karaba's jacket uniform since SD Gundam G Generation Spirits.

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