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Hair Color
  • Blonde
Eye Color
  • Blue
  • 25
Birth Date
  • Killed in Action
  • Female
Love Interests
  • Space Worker (former)
  • Gundam Meister
Mobile Weapons

Marlene Vlady (マレーネ・バラディ Marēne Baradei?) is a Gundam Meister and one of the protagonists in Mobile Suit Gundam 00P. Marlene is a Second Generation Gundam Meister belonging to Celestial Being's Krung Thep and pilots the GNY-003 Gundam Abulhool.

Personality & Character

Marlene Vlady was a criminal forced by Celestial Being to serve as a Meister of a prototype Gundam unit in the colony of Krung Thep. As she does not support the organization's ideology, a remotely-detonatable explosive has bend strapped around her neck to keep her under control. She later developed a romantic relationship with Ruido Resonance. it seems that she viewed her fellow meisters as comrades despite being drafted into Celestial Being.

Skills & Capabilities

On Marlene is poorly skilled with Gundam on her mission she piloted the GNY-003 Gundam Abulhool and went against a AEU-05 AEU Hellion platoon. The Hellion attacks the Albulhool, and Marlene’s whole body is badly injured. Later on, her skills at piloting improved when she was partnered with Chall Acustica during her inception as a Gundam Meister.


Early life

Marlene Vlady, who was a blue-collar worker, was riding in a space ship where an infectious disease caused by a mutated virus had an outbreak. Relief requested from neighboring space ships and earth did not come. Several days later, a man called "Robark Stad” alone appeared to rescue the sick. However, all people aboard the ship, except Marlene, are all dead. And, a part of those who died did not die of sickness. (Robark Stad has a son of the same name; that is Fon Spaak of Mobile Suit Gundam 00F). The Union, who was at in control of the space ship, attributed the crime to the rescued Marlene. As a result, she was convicted for a life sentence to pay for her crime, but her sentence changed when Robark Stad dies accidentally in space, and she joins CB upon Veda’s recommendation.

Joining Celestial Being


Marlene injured.

She was to exist as “a part of the Gundam”. Veda recommended the attachment of a necklace with built-in explosives on her. On her first mission piloting GNY-003 Gundam Abulhool. Chall who sees Moreno and Marlene’s exchange explains to Ruido Resonance that Marlene is “poorly skilled with Gundam”. AEU-05 AEU Hellion platoon heads toward a guerilla village for battle. Recognizing this, Marlene in the Abulhool moves on to save the village. The Hellion attacks the Abulhool, and Marlene’s whole body is badly injured. Ruido, who sees Moreno treating Marlene, realizes the significance of the necklace. Is it a necklace that is for the purpose of binding the heart of Marlene.

Ruido sorties in the GNY-001 Gundam Astraea in place of the injured Marlene who is still recovering from her previous launch. Ruido does not want Marlene to go out into the battlefield. He believes if he fights very well, then there’s no need for her to go out into the battlefield. Ruido exterminates the Hellion force through Astraea. Marlene waited for Ruido who returned from the mission. She thanks Ruido. He confesses his love to her. Marlene also shows her feelings to Ruido. Chall cries in a corner of the maintenance facility as she finds out that two people’s exchange. Ian, who carelessly greeted her, just watched over her.


Marlene and the rest.

It is two weeks since the second generation Gundams development is officially finished. CB goes into the plan of the third generation Gundams. Ian, who is a mechanic, became busy, but Ruido and gang who are Gundam Meisters do not know what to do in their everyday free time. It was at this time that Ruido and Marlene were married at the foothills of a Japanese mountain with a young Chall as their witness. A ring is not sent, but Ruido removes her necklace. Ruido took the permission from Veda for Marlene to step out of being a Gundam Meister. And from here, Chall marries Ruido to Marlene. In 2293 Marlene gave birth to her daughter, Feldt Grace. This false name “Feldt" (Feldt has a real name) was Ruido and Marlene’s idea, and Chall was also consulted. Marlene is also registered as a spare meister, but now her daily work is on watching over Feldt’s growth.


A terrorist plot was about to happen directed towards the HRL Orbital Elevator. Veda decided not to intervene, but Chall and gang who does not understand CB’s existence worked up with an intervention plan. The mission’s vital point is Gundam Plutone. During a mission with Chall/Plutone, Ruidio/Astraea, Marlene/Abulhool, and Meister 874/Sadalsuud. Plutone's GN Drive malfunctioned and caused a massive GN particle build up. The core fighter’s escape system did not function. Thinking about it, there is an interference from a superior system. In order to save Chall, Ruido’s Astraea and Marlene’s Albulhool approached. Gundam Meister 874 activated the core system for Chall to escaped while Ruido and Marlene block the GN particles from spreading. “You must live” – These were the last words she heard. The highly concentrated GN particles overwhelmed their bodies and killed both Marlene and Ruidio in the process; Marlene is survived by her daughter, Feldt, but she never knew the nature of her parent's deaths.


Celestial Being

Main articles: Celestial Being and Krung Thep

Krung Thep
Ruido Resonance
It's unclear how Marlene and Ruido came together, but they developed a romantic relationship that lead to birth of their daughter Feldt.
Chall Acustica
Gundam Meister 874
Feldt Grace
Ruido's and Marlene's daughter, both Ruido and Marlene raised Feldt at the early part of her years before they died. From Feldt's emotional reaction, she had a good relationship to her parents before they died as she continues to mourn for them every year on the anniversary of their deaths.

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