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Matt Healy (マット・ヒーリィ) is a lead character in the Mobile Suit Gundam: Lost War Chronicles video game. In the game, the player assumes his role in the Earth Federation Story.


Matt is an Earth Federation pilot who leads the EFF's Experimental Unit during the One Year War. He is gentle and kind in demeanor, and is always looking out for his team. He lives by the philosophy that no human should be killed, and refuses to kill any of his enemies. Due to this, he often ignores strategic advice from the team's operator, Noel Anderson, and comes into conflict with her. Despite this, the whole team still has great faith in him since no team members have died while fighting under his command. Matt has participated in the strategically important battles of Operation Odessa and Battle of Jaburo. He retired from the military after the war and lived as a civilian in Australia. In the Gundam Legacy manga, he coordinated with various former warring parties in an attempt to stop a renegade Zeon Attack by working with famous aces Ford Romfellow and Lt. Agar, and the Republic of Zeon forces. He is also responsible for rescuing ex-Zeon engineer May Cowin from the Titans, at the request of Ken Bederstadt.



  • He is featured in the PS2 game, SD Gundam G Generation Spirits as an obtainable character. Nobody calls him by name in the game, characters simply refer him as "Captain". His callsign is Delta 3.
  • In the Lost War Chronicles manga, his unit is known as the Special Forces, 3rd Platoon.

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