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Mayu Asuka (マユ・アスカ?) is character from the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny television series.


Mayu Asuka is Shinn Asuka's little sister. Since she was killed in the prologue of Gundam Seed Destiny, little is known about her. Mayu and her family lived on Orb but they had to be evacuated in C.E. 71. 6. 15. Sadly Mayu, her mom and her dad had been killed, trying to escape from Orb, by a blast from Calamity. Shinn was the only survivor in the Asuka family, this is because while Mayu was running with the family to escape from Orb she dropped her pink cellphone, Shinn knew it was important to her so he went to retrieve it. He was at the right distance so he never got hurt by the blast but it just threw him on the ground and as soon as he got up he saw the most horrifying sight of his family. Now and again we see little clips of Shinn and Mayu's past in Shinn's flashbacks of when him and his family were living on Orb, we also see pictures of the family on Mayu's cellphone and hear her voice on her voicemail message.