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Hair Color
  • Brown
  • Male
  • Leader of Teiwaz

Personality & Character

Despite being the leader of Teiwaz, which is rumored to be run like a mafia, McMurdo is an amicable person. Hospitable and respectable, he takes a liking to the Tekkadan crew, specifically Orga, accepting him as a member of Teiwaz brass via Sakazuki blood oath, and Mikazuki, whose piloting skills impressed him. He acts as a doting grandfather to Tekkadan, and muses that they are growing up in most amusing ways. He is also someone who honors his promises once he makes them.

McMurdo can be blunt, speaking honestly and objectively about current events and their repercussions, if only to inform people so that they may make informed decisions.

Despite his reasonable disposition, he does not allow his emotions to blind him, showing pragmatic business practices. Looking out for Teiwaz and his personal interest is his top priority and he is willing to make deals with oppositional parties if it suits his purposes, even if it means discarding his own subordinates.

Skills & Abilities



Mikazuki Augus

Mikazuki was present during McMurdo's first meeting with Kudelia Aina Bernstein. McMurdo took an instant liking to Mikazuki after hearing his advice to Kudelia, and offers to overhaul the Gundam Barbatos, calling it the whim of an old man. After Mikazuki's victory over the mobile armor Hashmal, McMurdo invited him to his office for snacks and small talk, and congratulated him for his skill.


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