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  • Hi, a few years back I recall talking to you on irc in #shin-getter about hosting the gundam encyclopedia from a friends host. I think it lasted a year or two and I lost contact with her. Also, your email doesn't seem to work anymore, so hopefully you will see this.

    Recently I've had time on my hands and have become interested in gundam more. I have my own web space now.

    I am not sure how interested you are. But you are welcome to host the encyclopedia on my web space.

    Let me know.

    Thanks, NewType

    (Ps: I remember you translated ideon and the movies. I worked with zeonic-corps/scans and a bit with shin-getter. Excuse my typing. I am on a phone.)

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  • Just wanted to say thank for working on the MSG pages. Could you do one thing, can you delete the sections that say "Important Events" since those kinds of things aren't on any of the other episode pages. 

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    • I don't agree with that logic, can't you argue that many concepts, and in theory this entire site is a rip on wikipedia? Its useful information, in my view.

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    • true. continue then

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