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Mike Saotome


Photo Novel


  • 32
Birth Date
  • Male
  • Intelligence officer of Earth Federation (Prior to joining Instructor's Corps)
  • Intelligence officer of Instructor's Corps (Prior to UC 0088)
  • Employee of Anaheim Electronics
  • Agent of Neo Zeon

Mike Saotome (マイク・サオトメ Maiku Saotome?) is a character from the Gundam Sentinel photo-novel. His name is actually part of a fake identity. He is a covert agent sent to aid New Desides and attempt to stir dissension within the Earth Federation.

Personality & Character

Mike Saotome displays some of the most quintessential aspects of a colony-born citizens. He tends to wear sunglasses and stare at the ground, an effect only felt by those who live in space and feel pulled down by the Earth's gravity.


Saotome was a member of the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War. Following the war he assumed the identity of an Earth Federation soldier of the Federation Forces East Pacific Squadron, who's entire unit was wiped out. Like the rebels of New Desides, Saotome was once a member of the Earth Federation Instructor's Coprs. However, unlike the New Desides rebels, his interests lay with those of Side 3 and Neo Zeon. Saotome's involvement with New Desides began when he attempted to find those that would not follow the current administration such as Aires City, and to stir up feelings of malcontent with the current administration. On a mission to this end he allowed himself to be captured and arrested by the Earth Federation forces. There he was taken into custody and asked to speak with Admiral Brian Aeno, this audience was granted and in a show of his impressive speaking skills, he managed to convince Aeno to defect to New Desides.

Following his rendezvous with Aeno, Saotome proceeded to make contact with Aires city and it's mayor, Kaiser Pinefield, he then sat in an observation dome that was shunned by the city, and gazed at the stars. From here he moved to the oncoming Neo Zeon fleet and to its flagship, the Gwarey. Once the fleet takes on the survivors of New Desides, he attempts to convince them to join New Zeon. They are annoyed to find that he was a Neo Zeon operative, but he states that he made no effort to conceal this fact. Saotome parts company with New Desides as it's last twenty-eight members go on their mission to seize Penta, he remains behind and departs along with the Neo Zeon fleet.