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Genetic Type
  • Coordinator
Hair Color
  • Grey
Eye Color
  • Grey
  • Male
  • Doctor
  • MS Pilot
  • Captain (Army Rank)
  • Lieutenant Commander
Mobile Weapons

Mikhail Coast(ミハイル・コースト) is a ZAFT pilot with who appeared in Gundam Seed MSV.


Mikhail Coast pilots ZGMF-1017M GINN High Maneuver Type and later on a ZGMF-1000 Hospital ZAKU Warrior. Mikhail Coast was a physician before joining ZAFT; while he has no interest in social or political matters, he joined ZAFT because he is interested in war; he became a physician not with the goals of saving patients but just to satisfy his curiosity about the human body; always put his own interests as the highest priority and distrust others; with his observation skills and mobility he controls the mobile suit controller like a doctor uses scalpels; he treats battles like the progression of a disease, and likes to speak with medical terms during battles, such as referring the enemies as "tumors" that requires operations for removal; nicknamed the "Doctor" because he can determine the core of the enemies like infected areas and quickly deals with it and is feared by the enemies. He treated Edward Harrelson on a Zaft base in South Africa when the latter had been severely injured in battle. Michael would honor his doctor code and pilot a Hospital Zaku Warrior to help the injured and in need after Junius Seven had fallen.


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