Mobile Suit Dog Gundam: Battles on Earth (犬ガンダム 地上編) was a one-shot gag manga written and illustrated by Karasawa Nawoki. It was published by Kadokawa Shoten and serialized in the Gundam Ace magazine from 2004 till January 2005.



Dog Earth Federation Forces

  • Dog Amuro Ray
  • Dog Frau
  • Dog Bright
  • Dog Mirai
  • Dog Sayla
  • Dog Kai
  • Dog Hayato
  • Dog Matilda

Dog Principality of Zeon

  • Dog Char
  • Dog Denim
  • Dog Gadem
  • Dog Garma
  • Dog Icelina
  • Dog Ramba Ral
  • Dog Lalah




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