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Mobile Suit Gundam-san (機動戦士ガンダムさん Kidō Senshi Gandamu-san?) is an anime series based on the manga of the same name. It is depicted in a super deformed art style as a parody of the original series, and as such is unofficial.


Main Characters

  • Char-san
  • Sayla-san
  • Lalah-san
  • Amuro-san
  • Garma-san
  • Frau-san
  • Bright-san
  • Kycilia-san
  • Kai-san
  • Haro-o


  • Narrator
  • Proverb Narrator


Episode #TitleStoryboardOriginal StoryAirdate
1He Likes the Red One (赤いのが好き akai no ga suki?)MankyūVol. 1 p64
Vol. 2 p23,26,96
July 6, 2014
2Amuro Going Through Puberty (思春期のアムロさん? shishunki no amuro-san)Tomohiro Tsukimisato
(indigo line)
Vol. 1 p40,42,110July 13, 2014
3The Melancholy of Haro-Man (ハロ男の憂鬱? haro-otoko no yūutsu)Vol. 2 p86-87July 20, 2014
4How They Met (出会い? deai)Vol. 2 p4-5,56-57July 27, 2014
5The Red Comet Chick's Menace (彗星ヒヨコの脅威 suisei hiyoko no kyoui?)Masahiro TakadaVol. 2 p58-59August 3, 2014
6Dr. Sayla's Consultation Room (女医セイラのお悩み相談室 joi sayla no onayami soudanshitsu?)Tomohiro Tsukimisato
(indigo line)
Vol. 3 p38-40August 10, 2014
7I Like Those Who Have Fallen (散った人が好き chitta hito ga suki?)Vol. 1 p43
Vol. 3 p24,25,27
August 17, 2014
8Daydreaming Amuro (妄想のアムロさん mousou no amuro-san?)Vol. 1 p52,62,63,115August 24, 2014
9Showdown of Destiny (宿命の対決 shukumei no taiketsu?)Masahiro TakadaVol. 2 p60-62August 31, 2014
10Lalah Moving Out (ララァ出撃 raraa shutsugeki?)Vol. 2 p62-65September 7, 2014
11A Mobile Suit's Feelings (モビルスーツの気持ち mobiru sutsu no kimochi?)Vol. 1 p94-99September 14, 2014
12Kycilia-tan, Age 14 (キシリアたん14歳 kycilia-tan, juuyonsai?)Vol. 3 p32-33September 21, 2014
13He Like People with Moles (ホクロの人が好き hokuro no hito ga suki?)Tomohiro Tsukimisato
(indigo line)
Vol. 1 p87,100
Vol. 2 p19
Vol. 3 p23
September 28, 2014

List of Mechanics


See Also


  • Gundam-san is to date the shortest TV series with only 13 episodes, not counting most theater/convention/web-exclusive shorts.

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