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Mobile Suit Gundam: Hunter of Black Clothes (Kidō Senshi Gundam: Kokui no Kariudo) is a manga illustrated by Daichi Banjō, and was officially launched in December issue of Shōnen Sunday Super.


In the year U.C. 0079, as the One Year War draws to a close. Major Wolfgang leads the Principality of Zeon squadron "Hunter of Black Clothes" on atmospheric patrols. The squad is named after Wolfgang's black Zaku.

The Federation fears them as "GM Hunters". When Wolfgang enters combat with a GM squadron fatefully close to the atmosphere.The hidden war of an ace Zeon pilot!


  • War Chronicle 01: Wolfgang Appears
  • War Chronicle 02: Determination
  • War Chronicle 03: Reason to fight
  • War Chronicle 04: One-on-one fight
  • War Chronicle 05: Eternally! in Love!!


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