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Mobile Suit Gundam: Principality of Zeon Military Preparatory School (Kidō Senshi Gundam Zeon Kōkoku Yōnen Gakkō, 機動戦士ガンダム ジオン公国幼年学校) is a Bishounen manga written and illustrated by Mayu Shinjo, published by Kadokawa Shoten and serialized in the Gundam Ace magazine in 2010.


Universal Century 0079 during the One Year War, where five young officers in the Zeon academy are involved in the war, experiencing the drama and pain of the first war in space.


Volume 1

  • EPISODE:0 Fledging
  • EPISODE:1 Determination of Roses
  • EPISODE:2 Welcome party
  • EPISODE:3 Isolation
  • EPISODE:4 Simulation

Volume 2

  • EPISODE:5 Bonds
  • EPISODE:8 Zum City
  • EPISODE:9 Memory of my Father
  • EPISODE:10 Summer vacation
  • EPISODE:11 Those who are judged
  • EPISODE:13 Life
  • EPISODE:14 Father's death
  • EPISODE:15 October 4
  • EPISODE:16 State funeral
  • EPISODE:17 Propaganda
  • EPISODE:18 Vicissitudes
  • EPISODE:19 Lies
  • EPISODE:20 Cowards
  • EPISODE:21
  • EPISODE:22
  • EPISODE:23



Principality of Zeon

Mobile Weapons

Support Units

Earth Federation

Mobile Weapons

Support Units



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