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Mobile Suit Gundam: The One Year War is an Action game, developed by Namco and published by Bandai, which was released in Japan in 2005.


Mobile Suit Gundam: The One Year War has a training mode, and 28 campaign levels with two difficulty settings: Normal and Hard.

Most of the gameplay involves the RX-78-2 Gundam in a specific battle zone. There are two variations of this primary part of gameplay- land stages and space stages.

On two occasions, the player must man the White Base's turrets. On another occasion, the gameplay shifts to a rails-style shooter.

If certain actions are performed on certain levels, special cutscenes called "Memorial Action" will play, emulating scenes from the TV Series and Movies.

Levels and Description

  1. ガンダム大地に立つ!!/Gundam Rising - Stop Zakus attacking Side 7.
  2. 敵の補給艦を叩け!/Vote to Attack - Prevent Char's Musai from receiving supplies from Gadem at Luna II.
  3. 大気圏突入/Reentry to Earth - Protect the White Base for four minutes before re-entry.
  4. ガルマ出撃す/Garma Strikes -Man the White Base's machine guns in order to hold off Garma's first wave of forces in the Grand Canyon.
  5. 翔べ!ガンダム/Fly! Gundam -Protect the White Base and plow a path through the second wave of Garma's forces.
  6. ガルマ散る/Garma's Fate -Protect the White Base while it lays concealed in a sports dome.
  7. セイラ出撃/Sayla's Agony -Stop Ramba Ral's forces from harassing the Gundam.
  8. アムロ脱走/Amuro Deserts -Destroy the Zeon mining base's defenses with the Guntank.
  9. 灼熱のアッザム·リーダー/Zeon's Secret Mine -Destroy the Zeon mining base's defenses with the Gundam.
  10. ランバ·ラル特攻!/Ramba Ral's Attack -Stop Ramba Ral's forces from harassing the White Base.
  11. 死闘!ホワイト·ベース/Hand-to-Hand Combat -Hold back Ramba Ral's forces in a close-quarters combat battle.
  12. 激闘は憎しみ深く/Sorrow and Hatred -Stop Crowley Hamon from ramming an explosive cargo into the White Base.
  13. マチルダ救出作戦/Matilda's Rescue -Rescue Matilda Ajan so that the White Base may receive supplies and the Core Booster.
  14. 迫撃!トリプル·ドム/Black Tri-Star -Stop the Black-Tri Stars from destroying the White Base.
  15. オデッサの激戦/The Battle of Odessa -Accompany the Big Tray during Operation Odessa.
  16. 復活のシャア/Char Returns - Hold back Zeon marine forces at Belfast.
  17. 大西洋,血に染めて/Across the Atlantic Ocean - Stop Flanagan Boone's attack on the White Base.
  18. ジャブローに散る! (I)/Tragedy in Jaburo (I) - Hold back the Zeon invasion force for four minutes and thirty seconds.
  19. ジャブローに散る! (II)/Tragedy in Jaburo (II) - Destroy all Zeon forces who has entered or is entering Jaburo.
  20. ザンジバル,追撃!/A Decoy in Space - Defeat the Bigro and Char's Zanzibar.
  21. 強行突破作戦/Breakthrough - Break through Dren's fleet.
  22. コンスコン強襲/Farewell in Side Six - Defeat the Conscon Fleet.
  23. テキサスの攻防/Duel in Texas - Defeat M'Quve and Char.
  24. ソロモン攻略戦/The Glory of Solomon - Destroy all enemy forces holed up inside of Solomon.
  25. 恐怖!機動ビグ·ザム/Big Zam's Last Stand - Defeat the Big Zam.
  26. 光る宇宙/Cosmic Glow - Defeat Lalah and Char.
  27. 宇宙要塞ア·バオア·クー/Space Fortress: A Baoa Qu - Destroy all forces in front of A Baoa Qu.
  28. 脱出/Escape - Defeat all remaining forces, including Char.


Earth Federation

Principality of Zeon



Earth Federation

Principality of Zeon

Story Differences from TV Series and Movies

  • Amuro and Char's first encounter occurs at Luna II.
  • Garma attacks the White Base three times.
  • During Ramba Ral's raid, Amuro is not in the Gundam by the time Sayla has returned to the White Base.
  • Amuro rescues Matilda in the Gundam only and she is transporting the Core Booster, not the G-Modules.
  • The Gundam has to protect the Big Tray during Operation Odessa.
  • Amuro has to fight Zeon forces outside of Jaburo's doorstep.
  • Only the Bigro attacks the Gundam; the Rick Doms attack the White Base along with Char's Zanzibar.
  • The Gyan attacks from inside Texas only.
  • Shin Matsunaga or Anavel Gato fights Amuro during the Battle of Solomon.
  • Johnny Ridden or Anaval Gato fights Amuro during the Battle of A Baoa Qu.


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