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Mobile Suit Gundam 00P


Mobile Suit Gundam 00P (機動戦士ガンダム00P, Kidousenshi Gandamu 00P)


Story & Script
Character Design
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Japanese January 1, 2007

Mobile Suit Gundam 00P (機動戦士ガンダム00P Kidousenshi Gandamu 00P?) (P for prequel) is a graphic novel written by Tomohiro Chiba for Dengeki Hobby Magazine, featuring past events of Celestial Being before the timeline in the anime series, Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The story ran in serialization between the issues of December 2007 to December 2009. The publisher, ASCII Media Works, released a total of 4 volumes. On March 31, 2010, ASCII Media Works released a reformatted version of the novel; there are 2 volumes.

A sequel series, Mobile Suit Gundam 00P: Special Edition (機動戦士ガンダム00P SPECIAL EDITION Kidousenshi Gandamu 00P SPECIAL EDITION?), was serialized in Dengeki Hobby Magazine, running between the issues June 2010 to October 2010. It covers specific events in the side stories, mostly during the Second Season of Gundam 00.


Celestial Being

Main article: Celestial Being

MSG 00P - Characters

The Gundam Meisters:Chall Acustica, Ruido Resonance, Marlene Vlady and Gundam Meister 874

Ruido Resonance - One of the four Gundam Meisters employed by Celestial Being in the period in which 00P is set. He is the designated pilot of the GNY-001 Gundam Astraea at Krung Thep. A skilled mechanic, and a senior member of the organization, he also greeted Chall Acustica after VEDA approved her as Meister. He later married Marlene Vlady and was the father of Feldt Grace. He and Marlene were killed in an accident involving Gundam Plutone, an incident which also caused Chall to be permanently scarred.

Marlene Vlady - A criminal forced to serve Celestial Being, Marlene is the designated Meister of the GNY-003 Gundam Abulhool. As she does not support the organization's ideology, a remotely-detonable explosive has been strapped around her neck to keep her under control. She is usually partnered with the young Chall Acustica, but later falls in love with, and marries fellow Meister Ruido Resonance. She is the mother of Feldt Grace.

Chall Acustica - At age 16, Chall was a member of Celestial Being and Gundam Meister to the experimental GNY-004 Gundam Plutone. Selected for recruitment by Veda on the basis of her academic performance and her ranking in Power Loader competitions, Ruido Resonance believes that other qualities may have influenced Veda's arbitration.

Gundam Meister 874 - Designated pilot of the GNY-002 Gundam Sadalsuud. Though Meisters are typically referred to by codename, 874 is designated only by number. For unspecified reasons, she does not appear before the other members of the organization. Physically, she looks younger than 10, but her eyes seem far older.

MSG 00P - Characters0

Joyce Moreno and Ian Vashti

Joyce Moreno - A Doctor for the NGO organization Doctors Without Borders and a longtime friend of Ian Vashti from the time before they joined Celestial Being. He was Celestial Being's medical doctor. He treated Chall when she was exposed to a large amount of GN particles as a result of Gundam Plutone's GN Drive overloading.

Ian Vashti - A former Advanced European Union military officer, Ian joined Celestial Being at the same time as Joyce Moreno. Ian helped with maintenace/repair job and assist in testing of equipments for the second generation mobile suits and played a more prominent role in the development of the third generation mobile suits.

Grave Violento - A new protagonist introduced in the second season of 00P, Grave is the Gundam Meister to the first 3rd Generation Gundam, the GN-XXX Gundam Rasiel. Despite his designation as a meister, Grave spends more time acting as an agent to acquire information on military operations in preparation for Celestial Being's debut and protecting the organization by manipulating intelligence to ensure Celestial Being remains a secret as it begins its armed interventions.

MSG 00P 2nd Season - Characters

Grave Violento, Hixar Fermi and Chall Acustica

Hixar Fermi - A new protagonist introduced in the second season of 00P. Pilot of GNR-000 GN Sefer. His jovial personality allows him to talk freely with almost anyone, even when meeting them for the first time. Hixar enjoys making others laugh, though has considerable trouble doing so with the serious Grave and dark-mannered Chall.

Human Reform League

Main article: Human Reform League Delphine Bedelia - Highly skilled and proud, Delphine is a test pilot from the Next Generation Development Technical Laboratory of the HRL and serves as the Tieren Kyitwo mobile suit's rear seat pilot. She is dislikes being partnered with super-soldier Leonard Fiennes and treats him rudely.

Leonard Fiennes - Leonard Fiennes is 7 years old. The front seat pilot of the Tieren Kyitwo sent from the Super Soldier Special Duty Organization to become a test pilot. Despite his age, he shows developing potential as a supersoldier, though he desperately wants to fulfill the role he has been given so he can die.

Advanced European Union

Main article: Advanced European Union Fon Spaak - A hired soldier of the AEU who pilots the mobile armor “Agrissa Type 7″ and lays a trap for Celestial Being's Grave Violento.


Main article: Innovades Beside Pain - Hinted at in season 1 of 00F, Beside shares the same DNA template as Ribbons Almark. He plotted the "Plutone Incident" that killed Marlene and Ruido, and is the pilot of the "CB-001 1 Gundam".


The story of Gundam 00P is divided into 3 settings. The First Season focused on the story of the Second Generation Gundam Meisters, Chall Acustica, Ruido Resonance and Marlene Vlady, fifteen years before the story of Gundam 00. It was the time during Celestial Being's development of the Second Generation Gundams. Ten years after the first one, the Second Season takes place. The story follows the missions of Gundam Meister Grave Violento, as he recruits future members of Celestial Being, including the Third Generation Gundam Meisters. In addition, there is the Special Edition, which is a compilation of stories that focused on the events that happened in side-stories of Gundam 00.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00P Season 1

File No.01: Gundam Astraea

The story is set in A.D. 2292, fifteen years before the future Celestial Being began its first public armed intervention. It started with Ruido Resonance meeting with a young girl named Chall Acustica. Veda chose Chall to be a Gundam Meister just like Ruido. Ruido was shocked at first that the young girl was chosen by Veda, but later came to a conclusion that Chall was chosen not only because of her technical abilities, but also with other skills as well.

The place was a space colony in Lagrange 3, the Krung Thep. Despite its small size, it could be said that it was the bridge to space when the space development had not fully begun. Krung Thep was also a lone colony on the area, a perfect place to develop the Gundams. It should be noted though, that once the orbital elevators were completed, the space exploration would be underway, and the situation would change. During this time, disputes over the building of the orbital elevators were currently happening between those who support it and those that were against it. Despite the dream of unlimited source power at hand, humanity was still in fighting amongst itself; a relic of humanity's distant past. It was because of this that Celestial Being and the Gundams had been visualized by Aeolia Schenberg. Ruido sympathized with the Aeolia's ideals and was of those who answered the call to become a Gunddam Meister.

Ruido first introduced Chall to the GNY-001 Gundam Astraea. He wanted to show her the Gundam before anything else, as she deserved to feel the courage and vigor that he had felt when he first saw it. Ruido commented that its name was derived from the woman on the tarot card, the "Justice." Chall was shocked of the implications that 22 Gundams had been made, causing Ruido to laugh. He noted less than 10 Second Generation Gundams had been planned because there were only 5 GN-Drives. He knew that it is a contradiction to eradicate war with force, but at least the Gundam's name would be associated with Justice. Upon seeing Chall's depressed expression, Ruido then decided to introduce her to another of their comrade.

The next comrade was a woman. She was a beautiful woman of strong will and intellect, yet the atmosphere around her changed the whole expression. She was behind iron bars, handcuffed, and had an explosive collar around her neck. Ruido introduced the woman to Chall as Marlene Vlady. Chall wondered why Marlene was bound, which Marlene heard and replied that she was a felon. She added that unlike the other Meisters, she was just a part that makes a Gundam move. Ruido tried to ease the atmosphere, but he couldn't find the words to tell as what Marlene said was true.

The three Gundam Meisters have now met, and their destiny seemed that of a cold and heavy one.

File No.02: Gundam Meister 874

The chapter starts with the introduction of GNY-002 Gundam Sadalsuud and its pilot, Gundam Meister 874. Not far from the Krung Thep, 874 was testing the Sadalsuud for 121 hours; for more than five days.

Back in the warehouse, Ruido and Chall were working on the Astraea. Ruido was originally a technical engineer pilot. In able to know the degree of completeness of the handled units, Ruido learned necessary piloting skills. It was because of these developed skills that Veda had an eye for him. However, it was the development of the Gundams that attracted him over and did not intended to be one of its pilot. Ruido noted that even with his piloting skills, he could not bring himself to fight during disputes. Chall also thought the same. She sympathized with Aeolia's ideals, but when asked if she would pilot a mobile suit to fight for it, she would not even think of doing it. Chall was not assigned for actual combat, but she only complied to the organization's calling because of its goal to develop concept mobile suits. It might be a bit irresponsible, but for those who would be willing to fight in the Gundams in the future, better units must be developed. To realize Aeolia's philosophy, this was their most effective way, as those who couldn't fight one way or another.

Chall then asked Ruido why Marlene was chosen as a Meister. Ruido told her that aside from Marlene's piloting skills, she was also very decisive and clear. She was willing to do any runs on the Gundams despite the situation. In Ruido's opinion, Marlene might be the most suitable pilot among them on the eyes of other technicians. Chall then wondered if Marlene believed in the organization's ideals, but Ruido couldn't provide an answer as she hadn't talk to him that much. He then expressed relief as Marlene could finally make friends through Chall as they are both females. In reality, Marlene hated Ruido's cheerful and optimistic personality, but he didn't seem to notice. Chall couldn't help but worry about Ruido's simple-mindedness. Marlene had the same duties as Ruido and Chall (i.e. doing maintenance to the Gundams) but as a felon, and because her belief about Celestial Being's ideals were not clear, she was untrusted and was prohibited to move freely.

Moving aside to another topic, Chall asked Ruido about the fourth Gundam Meister. She had been in the organization for a week, but she had not met the comrade. Chall heard that she was a female and was referred to by a code number. Ruido noted that it was Gundam Meister 874, and everybody had seen her but have not met her. He added that she had been out testing the Sadalsuud for a week to test the unit's frame-sensor body and the performance of the sensor during long period surveillance. Unlike other MS, the Gundams could function for long periods because of almost unlimited power supply from the GN Drives. But even then, the strain on the pilot cannot be ignored. Just then, the Sadalsuud returned to the Krung Thep. Ruido quickly directed Chall out of the hangar to make way for 874.


Chall meeting Gundam Meister 874 for the first time

Later, Chall and Ruido prepared to meet 874. Chall wore her usual school uniform. Ruido, in contrast to his dirty working clothes earlier, was wearing a black jacket with red linings coupled with red scarf. Chall asked about Marlene, but Ruido assured that she had already met 874. In the conference room, the monitor reflected an image of a young girl wearing a slightly different school uniform from that of Chall's. Ruido introduced Chall to 874, who was in the monitor. After giving a brief introduction, 874 left the conference. Chall was surprised of what had just happened. Ruido explained that 874 only meets people behind the monitor, which didn't lessen Chall's shock. Ruido then tried to find an excuse but it only infuriated Chall. She began to think that she had been sucked into a terrible place because of these weird people around.

File No.03: Astraea Weapons

The story is about the weapons testing of the GNY-001 Gundam Astraea. The weapons to be tested are the GN Launcher and Prototype GN Sword. Despite them being larger than conventional weapons, it is not a problem for the Astraea, which is a General Purpose Gundam. Ruido, who was the designated the pilot of the Astraea, was performing the test outside of Krung Thep; in a facility in Lagrange 4. It was not only the versatility of the weapons in different environments that was being tested, but also if they could perform within the range of expectations. Truth be told, the Gundam development in space was still the top priority; this was because Celestial Being's existence had to be kept secret and to test the Gundam on Earth could prove to be difficult. This was why the Lagrange 4 facility, which had ground environmental test area, was very useful. For example, the test on the Prototype GN Sword had produced results that pointed to some of its problems, such as its weight problem. However, Ruido noted how this could be used as an advantage in combat, as the weight of the blade could contribute to its hacking power. By the time a mobile suit for this kind of weapon has been made, this issue should not be much of a problem. One suggestion for the Protoype GN Sword was to integrate a Gun function to it to decrease the unit's carrying equipments.

After the test, Ruido came back to Krung Thep and prepared the Astraea for GN Launcher test in space. While changing, Chall oddly volunteered to lend assistance. Ruido suspected that she hadn't specifically came to check on the Mobile Suit (nor for him). Since he couldn't figure the reason for this sudden behaviour, he asked her if she wanted to pilot the Gundam. Chall was startled. Ruido explained that since Plutone wasn't still rolled out yet, she might have the uncontrollable feeling of wanting to pilot a Gundam. Chall reasoned she was only there because she felt bad not having anything to do, but Ruido thought its different matter altogether. Looking at Chall, Ruido thought that those who think they could understand girls were fooling themselves; both girls and women are hard to read, just like aliens. Ruido made up his mind to let Chall do the GN Launcher test on Astraea, which despite her confusion, Chall delightfully accepted. As he was "left-handed", he changed the Astraea to "right-handed" for Chall.

The Astraea launched to space, not far from the Krung Thep. The Proto GN Sword was place on the left arm to maintain the Mobile Suit's balance. The test on the GN Launcher, in contrast to the previous tests, was to examine the full power of the weapon. Ruido, who was observing the test, reminded Chall that the suit was adjusted for her, which encouraged her a lot. The target was one of the solid asteroids from the nearby asteroid colony. Chall charged the GN Launcher; it had to be recharged in between shots. At the moment Chall fired the weapon, she couldn't see anything but the light coming out from it. Ruido rejoiced as the beam destroyed the target. Sparks of GN Particles were emitted around the weapon, showing that it has reached its threshold.

Then, Chall started screaming. Several debris from the destroyed asteroid hit the Astraea. Needless to say, the Gundam could take them with its E-Carbon Armor. Ruido told Chall not to panic, but it was too late. Suddenly, 874's and Marlene's faces appeared on the monitor. Chall had accidentally pressed the emergency button, alerting the staff of Krung Thep. 874 assessed that the danger on the GN Drive was low. The procedure dictates that the GN Drive's safety must be checked first, followed by the pilot's. Before tuning off, Marlene scolded Ruido this mess and told Chall to have him rescue her. Knowing it was his responsibility, Ruido asked 874 to let him take out the Sadalsuud and told Chall to stay put.

Chall refusing Ruido's assistance

Chall, finally calmed down, asked if the Astraea was okay. It seemed that its main sensors had been busted. Ruido proposed to pick her up with Sadalsuud, but she insisted to go back by herself. After Chall had cut off the communications, Ruido wondered if she wanted to take responsibility for what had happened.

Inside Astraea, Chall was frustrated about the trouble she had caused. But aside from that, she also felt bad crying. She had promised not to cry, but after hearing Ruido's heartfelt concern, she couldn't hold back her tears from falling.

File No.04: Gundam Plutone

In space, the Second Generation Gundam No. 01, Astraea, was facing the Second Generation Gundam No. 04, GNY-004 Gundam Plutone. Gundam Plutone's name came from the one representing the "Trial" tarot card, "Pluto". The tarot, which also represents "Resurrection", is rather symbolic, as the unit was built with a cockpit and solar furnace escape system. In addition, there was also a hidden feature in the Gundam, which only Veda and a few chosen individuals knew. Although it had no connection with the name, Plutone was also equipped with an important system; the GN Particle defense system, "GN Field". The current experiment was conducted to test this function.

Plutone's elected Gundam Meister was supposed to be Chall Acustica, but for this trial, it was piloted by Marlene. In Astraea, Ruido was very nervous as he had to open fire to a friendly unit. However, for accidents not to happen in the future, he decided put his hesitations aside this time. Not far, Chall was watching in Krung Thep. It was Veda's decision to let Marlene pilot the Plutone, but Chall couldn't help but get disappointed. Her Gundam had been already rolled out, but she still couldn't contribute to the organization. In addition, she was actually looking forward to launching with Ruido in space; though, she tried to get her mind off it and excused that she's not jealous of Marlene.

Astraea and Plutone had been prepared beforehand. For Astraea, there was an improvement to the GN Launcher. The GN Particles that are released from the barrel were suppressed to a minimum. To completely remove the GN Particle overflow, however, a whole re-design needs to be done. The output of the GN Launcher was also reduced to a half. On the other hand, it had been decided that Plutone's external GN Field development would be temporarily suspended. This was because the GN Field was not stable enough. There was another plan: to make a GN Field inside a "GN Composite Armor". In this system, the GN Field is made in-between two layer of armor, producing a stable GN Field while maintaining a high level of defense. A drawback though, is that it could not be implemented all over the body, especially on the sensors and other exposed parts.

With its GN Launcher, Astraea hit the target on Plutone accurately. Practically, the Gundam cockpit doesn't have any seat belt. Rather, there is an absorption feature on the seats, which sucks in depending on shock inside the cockpit. In this test, however, the impact was more than what had been expected, throwing Marlene out of her seat, to a point where she almost lost consciousness. Fortunately, because of her emotional strength, she was able to stay awake. Marlene noted that some improvements must be made to securely connect the pilot suit and the cockpit seat. Outside, the beam managed to scrap off Plutone's outer armor, but the inner armor was intact because the GN Field absorbed the impact.

After the test, Chall greeted the two returning Meisters. In an unusual response, Marlene apologized to Chall. Chall first thought Marlene was apologizing for being with Ruido on outer space; she asked why. Marlene explained that she felt sorry for damaging Chall's Plutone. Chall was surprise about Marlene's concern and have learned a liking to her. Ruido promised them that he would repair the Plutone just like it was new. Marlene noted that the last test had some safety issues and assured Chall that she would finally get to test the Plutone afterward. Aside from noticing that Marlene was addressing her by her name (opposed to the usual "Little girl"), Chall also just realized why Marlene had been chosen by Veda for the test.

Infuriated Chall hitting Ruido.

She felt bad for being depressed back then and promised to Ruido, for Marlene's sake, that she wouldn't give any trouble in the next trials.

Suddenly, just as the atmosphere of the conversation was getting better, Ruido slipped out that he would have hold back more if Chall had been piloting the Plutone back then. Offended by the remark, Chall reminded him that she was also a Gundam Meister, but Ruido explained that she was also just a little girl. This further angered Chall and slapped Ruido at the face. At that moment, 874 reported an emergency situation to the Krung Thep.

File No.05: Crisis of Krung Thep

The colony prepared by Celestial Being, Krung Thep, or "City of Angels" as the name implies, was built in the remote location of Lagrange 3, away from the current space development stronghold, the Moon. On the surface, it was a civilian factory, which was funded by multiple companies to research and produce materials that are only made in space. But, secretly, its main purpose was to develop the mobile weapons, Gundams. The investors didn't know about this and only care about the profits they gain proportional to their capital. The one appointed to manage the colony was a Chinese businessman that had economic bases in the HRL; a man who was also a Celestial Being agent.

Space development wasn't popular at the time, and the only vessels that came to space that can be accounted for were the trading vessels and those of the military. The possibility that people come close to Krung Thep were very minuscule, but Celestial Being still took precautions, especially when they were doing tests outside the colony. Top-secret plan with careful attention; these had so far protected the Krung Thep.

Meister 874 sortied in Sadalsuud to check on the intruders. She advised Ruido to launch with Astraea and prepare for enemy engagement. Ruido expressed irritation about the sudden developments. Chall volunteered to pilot the Astraea, but Ruido quickly rejected her offer; the orders meant a possible sign of real battle. Despite his mind not made up to kill using a Gundam, he was more prepared for it. As Ruido left for the Astraea, Marlene comforted Chall that it was not that she had failed to understand Ruido; it was just that he was trying to test himself. Marlene had originally planned on taking the Astraea herself, but after seeing Ruido's determination, she lost the motivation to snatch this opportunity away from him. Chall thought that both Ruido and Marlene were good people. However, being a Meister and Death are not unrelated to one another. This contradiction is sad and terrible, but one has to be aware of this fact.

874 alerted Astraea about the detected vessel ahead. The Gundams communicate to each other using visual recognition signals. It's a known fact that the GN Particles disrupt communications, so this method is used as means to communicate in the battlefield. Ruido learned that the intruder was an HRL battleship. He found himself shaking with fear, but after thinking about the slap that Chall had given him earlier, he eventually gathered himself together. HRL has yet to develop Mobile Suits adapted to space. Astraea was equipped with two GN Launchers, which main objective was to get through the battleship's thick armor.

As Ruido prepared to fire, 874 relayed additional information sent by Veda. It was assessed that the battleship was manned by military deserters. They probably planned to occupy Krung Thep, hold it for ransom, and use the funds gathered to hide to a third country. Veda had quickly known about their existence, but because the facilities to gather intelligence in space were scarce, it was unable to predict the rate they were approaching Krung Thep. Ruido thought bitterly that this was intentional to test the Gundam's combat capabilities. Finally, Veda issued the order to destroy the battleship. The target never saw the attack coming and was destroyed in an instant.


Marlene (left) stares on emptiness inside her quarters. Ruido (center) hangs his head in downcast in shame as Chall (right) worries about him.

While returning to Krung Thep, whirling thoughts of guilt and self-pity occupied Ruido's head. He decided to not let Chall and Marlene see him traumatized, as it might also affect them. Just like how Chall doesn't want to be treated like a little girl, he also have a man's pride. After getting out of Astraea, Ruido greeted Chall like nothing had happened. Marlene got back to her cell, so Chall was the only one there to meet him. Chall tried to talk to him more, but Ruido quickly excused himself and directly went to his room. If he had stayed, he would not have been able to maintain his composure. In his room, he didn't do anything but sit on his chair with his head lowered in downcast. Without his knowledge, Chall was also worried about his current state.

Looking from the colony surveillance through Veda, 874 watched over the Gundam Meisters. She wondered if this is the limits of humans or if this is their advantage. Veda doesn't know human nature. Because of that, Veda watches over humans in able to understand them. 874 decided to continue observing them herself to find her answer.

File No.06: Ground Battle

A shuttle belonging to Krung Thep, disguised as part of R&D space enterprise, descended to Earth, intended to land on an airport south of Eurasia. It carried two of Celestial Being's Gundams. The development of the Gundams in space has been completed, and Veda had ordered the remaining developments and tests to continue on Earth. Aside from Chall, Ruido, Marlene and 874 were also in the shuttle. Ruido was back to his carefree self, which made Chall think he had some complex emotional disorder. Marlene, even though she evidently cares for the other Meisters, was still isolated from the rest and put into a confinement. Chall had tried to protest about this treatment, but Marlene told her not to. Marlene's Gundam, GNY-003 Gundam Abulhool, is designed to transform to flight mode and was intended to be tested on gravity. In the cockpit of the shuttle, Gundam Meister 874 was in charge of piloting.

Ruido cheerfully asked Chall about her thoughts on being back on Earth. Chall coldly replied that she didn't feel anything. Subconsciously, she was annoyed by Ruido about not noticing she had been concerned about him. Being back on Earth, Chall did feel nostalgic and lonely, but her conflicting emotions made her angry to even think about it. She suddenly blurted out her frustration; Ruido asked if it was his fault, but Chall didn't give an answer. A few days later, they were sent on a mission to a place near the HRL Orbital Tower. As the unfinished Orbital Elevator, "Tenchu", came to view, Ruido began thinking out loud why humans still choose wars despite constructing such structure. He wondered if Aeolia had ever thought that these elevators could bring peace, in which scenario there would not have been any need for the Gundams. Chall noticed that Ruido was saying all these as if he was trying to comfort himself. She also realized she had been cold to Ruido and had been selfishly anxious about their relationship. They might not understand it, but both of them were feeling the same degree of anxiety.

At their destination, a large-scale battle seemed to had occurred. The intended town was not much distant from the orbital elevator, and had been cited as a base of operation for the terrorists opposed to the orbital elevator construction. Although it was unclear how many people were related to the terrorists, it was clear there were no civilians living here anymore. On the communications, 874 told the Gundam Meisters to remain on stand-by as she launched in Astraea to destroy a group of 4 HRL MSJ-04 Fantons. Ruido was surprised. He had experience his first battle and had learned well that people die in battles; 874's calm approach made him feel very uneasy. He asked why it wasn't him that was ordered to sortie, in which 874 explained that Veda had put him as a non-candidate to fight this time. With that, she cut off communications and sortied. The battle was finished within 36 seconds. The Fanton was known for being heavy equipped, but it was no match against the Gundam's beam weaponry.


Ruido, Chall and Marlene standing on the ruins of a destroyed town.

After the battle, Ruido, Marlene and Chall stood on the town's ruins. For such tragedy not to continue, the Gundam's existence is essential. However, as weapons, Gundams are also part of war. Fighting is fighting, destruction is destruction; that is not what Chall wanted. After the Fantons' remains had been disposed, Ruido recalled the rest of the Meisters as a reconnaissance from HRL might soon search the area. As Chall was returning to the plane, she saw Marlene not moving, holding a stuff doll with burnt marks all over it. Marlene murmured, "No matter when... or where, war will not change. When weak people always get involved... they get harmed and die as a result... To eradicate war with Gundams... I'll do it! It doesn't matter if it causes tragedy along the way, as long as wars are completely eliminated in the end using the Gundams!” Chall did not know Marlene's past, but she knew it had something to do with Marlene's strong determination. She wondered, can they also continue fighting just like Marlene at the face of a tragedy? No one knows the answer.

File No.07: Ian Vashti

"All of these are for the Innovators...", 874 whispered to herself. Her existence, her duty, is for this sole purpose.

"If mankind are not Innovators, then what is human?"

This was the topic given to her to ponder. She's not human; despite being made "similar" to them, she's different. Her mission from Veda was to get closer to humans like her "siblings". There are those like her, who do not even know who they are and were integrated into human society to gather information. Specifically, her mission was to understand humanity's compatibility to become Gundam Meister. Veda is capable of making possible changes to missions; however, "Understanding humans" was an indispensable prerequisite. If the Gundams were used inappropriately, Aeolia's Plan will not progress; thus careful selection of Meisters was important. There had been two plans prepared: human pilots and non-human pilots. Veda has not decided, but if 874 was to be asked, she would not choose the human-only option based on the data collected so far. However, it was not her position to decide. Aside from the Gundam pilots, contact with other humans can also be necessary.

AEU. With the construction of the orbital elevators, it is one of three largest group of countries in the world, with Europe as the center of power. The construction of their elevator was the slowest of the three: it was done in Africa and the operation must be pushed by the national collegiate. It was still deeply-rooted that the member states only prioritized about the benefits concerning their own country than that of the whole bloc. Celestial Being hoped for the completion of the AEU elevator, for if it failed to be completed, it can be a significant obstruction to the Plan. The current mission entrusted to the Gundam Meisters was to collect information about the AEU elevator.

On the briefing, 874 explained that since it was difficult to confirm the submarine cable information from space, Gundam Sadalsuud would be used in the operation. Ruido in Gundam Astraea was to act as back-up in case there was any trouble. Ruido accepted the task, which Marlene quickly responded to with a retort. 1.23 seconds: that was the time between Ruido's answer and Marlene's response. Chall also was about to say something, but stopped herself after Marlene's remarks. 874 was curious about their behaviour. Despite his approval, Ruido noted that Sadalsuud was equipped enough to go by itself, which made 874 to reveal that the AEU has dispatched its new AEU-05 Hellion-Type in the area. Marlene suggested to use her Gundam Abulhool, but 874 stated that it was still in final adjustments. Ruido assured Marlene that he and Astraea could handle the air combat. Chall wondered where his confidence was coming from, but agreed that both she and Marlene can only believe in Ruido. 874 has noticed this scenario happened many times, but she still could not understand it very well.

Later, Ruido faced a team of 4 Hellion Types. The Gundam can hover and maneuver to the air thanks to the GN Particles, but it was clear that the enemies were much agile. Ruido used the beam rifle to engage the enemy. After a few minutes, the enemies were eventually defeated, but the number of shots used were three times more than the targets. He had wasted too much time, but it was not because of it that Ruido was agitated. He was concerned about how he was becoming more of a killer. At that same time, 874 alerted that a ship was approaching and commenced to destroy it. Ruido quickly told her to halt. Fortunately, 874's strong desire to understand humans responded to Ruido's plea.


Meeting with Ian Vashti and Joyce Moreno

The AEU vessel boarded inside two people: AEU technician Ian Vashti and Doctor Without Borders Joyce Moreno. Ruido and his team met with them in a small port in South Africa. The usual action taken against outsiders that witnessed Gundams are to kill them. However, Ruido refused to do so, and Chall and Marlene also agreed with him. Veda prioritizes on keeping their secrets; the rejection of the usual protocol comes a second option:

"In order to eradicate disputes, would you like to join Celestial Being?"

Ruido found himself asking these lines. Like the norm, Moreno asked, "What in the world are you people?". Ian, on the other hand, asked about their unusual mobile suit. Ruido hesitated a bit, since this is a high level of confidentiality. However, since Ian had already seen it, he replied, "Gundam." Ian's eyes sparkled with awe.

File No.08: Joyce Moreno

Although the construction of the orbital elevators was still underway, the space development had already begun. A handful of colonies, most of them co-owned like Krung Thep, were already functioning. The ones making it possible, in the harsh environment of space, are the workers who were paid meager salary for their heavy labour. In order to obtain resources for construction, moving huge asteroids from in between Mars and Jupiter to Earth are not only important, but also requires critical amount of work. Even not taking the conditions into account, the workers cannot return to Earth for several years. The spacecrafts involved in this project were often called "slave spaceships". Marlene Vlady had been one of these people who were working in space.

"Mars Tragedy". During that time, in an operating spacecraft near the Mars' domain, there was an outbreak of an infectious disease caused by a mutated virus. Due to severe lung inflammation, workers on board experienced serious breathing difficulties. They sent distress signals to the nearby ships and to Earth, but assistance took too long to come. Marlene was among the victims. She would often say, "People will soon come to rescue us!" to comfort those who were also suffering. However, she knew sadly, like the others, that the statement may not be true. A dark despair was slowly eating her away.

A few days later, a man took a ship to rescue Marlene and the rest. He was one of the newcomer engineer workers in the same space domain. His fellow workers had warned him of the risks, but he went anyway. His name was Robark Stad; born from a working-class family, he came with his family to work in space. "I want to build an environment in space suited for living and for the future generations"; that was his wish. He had given the same name to his newborn son, and with it, he hoped to build mutual trust between people. Unfortunately, while responding to the distress signal, he learned he had arrived too late. The only survivor was Marlene; the rest had died from the disease.

However, Marlene was later put on trial for murder and was proclaimed guilty. The Union enterprise responsible for the spacecraft hid what truly had happened and attributed the crime to Marlene to clear themselves of the blame. For this reason, they had cured her using the latest technology. Marlene originally intended to waste her life to atone; she couldn't care less about the sham trial. However, her belief changed dramatically after hearing that her saviour, Robark Stad, had suddenly died in an accident. "Those who survived has the obligation to change the world... My life will be used... as a tool to achieve this goal." When Veda had invited her to Celestial Being, she could only think that it was fate.

A few weeks after they had descended on Earth, Marlene's Gundam, GNY-003 Gundam Abulhool, has finished its final adjustments. 874 announced another mission from Veda; Marlene has to survey a team of Hellion-types being prepared by AEU for a combat mission. Ian and Moreno were also present in the meeting. Looking at the information presented, Moreno found that the AEU's target was a village near the orbital elevator belonging to the guerrillas. It was not only a place for combat purposes, but also where civilians lived. Moreno asked Marlene to do what she can to stop the attack. At first, Marlene did not say anything. However, Moreno's insistence caused her to clarify the mission's true objective, adding that it would also be her obligation to silence those who saw the Gundam in case she fights. Moreno brought fort that he's still alive, which Marlene responded that his and Ian's case was an exception. She then told him not to bother her further because she hated doctors. With that, Moreno lowered his head in apology in behalf of his fellow doctors, to Marlene's shock. On the side, Chall told Ruido that Marlene might be intentionally being cold to Moreno; Marlene seemed to be cold and stubborn, but inside is truly a timid girl.


Marlene injured

The mission had been smoothly carried out. Ruido and the rest stayed on stand-by near the village. However, as the Hellion force approached the village, the Abulhool suddenly went closer and attacked them using the GN Vulcans. One of the damaged Hellions headed to suicide crash onto the village and Marlene, in the spur of the moment, blocked it with the Gundam. The two mobile suits clashed, resulting to an explosion. Abulhool was damaged, and it was obvious that Marlene had sustained injuries. Ruido and the team quickly rushed over to get her out. Marlene pondered why she had done something pointless. Ruido, while watching Marlene getting treated, realized the significance of the necklace: "She's wearing it to bind her gentle heart..."

File No.09: Birth and Death

Observers, as the term says, are responsible for monitoring Celestial Being. If they find some errors, which could risk the survival of Celestial Being, they could propose to Veda to stop the involved tasks or change them. They are the only ones to have the power to veto Veda. It was designed by Aeolia that, while Veda governs, there would be another group of people born of the era that will monitor the organization. To observers, Veda does not deliberately hide information. However, they still have limited access to Veda to ensure that the observers do not betray the organization and use crucial information for their own ends. The only information allowed for the observers to view are those issues worth examining in Celestial Being. Since the development of the Second Generation Gundams on Earth had ended, the observers were examining the test on Gundams in preparation for the armed interventions.

Ruido sortied with Astraea into the battlefield. His mission was to face the AEU-05 Hellion units in combat. It was a task fit for Gundam Abulhool, but since Marlene was injured, she was replaced by Ruido. After learning about her true character, it has been his wish to get her out of the fighting. He believed if he fought well, there would be no need for her to go into the battlefield. Soaring above the MS Hellions in pursuit, Ruido shot 3 of them one-by one. He whispered an apology; his heart neither shaken with regret nor with excitement. He continued to fight the remaining Hellions; it was his resolve as a Gundam Meister.

Later, Ruido returned tired from the mission and Marlene was there to greet him. She apologized for getting him worn out, but he responded he was happy enough that she was concerned about him. In the midst of their conversation, Ruido said, "For mutual understanding, we can slowly but surely understand each other." Marlene was surprised by his words. Saying what she had came for, she thanked Ruido one last time. Looking for more words to say, Ruido tried to brag piloting the Gundam. Marlene knew well how it erodes his heart, but he replied that it was for the best if it can replace Marlene from fighting. She asked why he was willing to do that for her and he professed that he wanted to cherish her.

Ruido confesses to Marlene (right panel); Chall sulks in the corner as Ian watches (left panel)

As Ruido looked straight to Marlene, she could not look back. And then, as Marlene imagined, Ruido finally confessed, "Marlene, I love you".

Ian found Chall in a corner of the maintenance facility. He carelessly asked what she's up to, but found out she was crying. He knew he was useless in this situation, but asked what happened anyway. It took a long time before Chall answered, "I... am a bad girl. Why can't I feel happy?"

One observer saw the data about the armed intervention preliminary and found it satisfactory. The Gundam was not harmed, but there was no report about the pilot's well-being. “Veda does not possess emotions, therefore can not understand the human heart...,” he remarks. The observer immersed himself in speculation about the information not presented in the data.

File No.10: Chall Acustica


Ruido removing Marlene's explosive necklace during their wedding. Chall happily watches over them.

It was two weeks since the Second Generation Gundams development had been officially finished. Celestial Being went into the plan of developing the Third Generation Gundams. It was at this time that Ruido and Marlene decided to get married. Chall blessed the two. Chall proposed the location of marriage ceremony for these two who she liked a lot. It was at the outskirts of the HRL; a place where an extensive range of cherry blossom trees can be seen as far as the eye can see. Gundam Meister 874 flew them in a small flying ship to the place. There was no wedding ring, but Ruido removed Marlene's necklace as a sign of his sincerity. Ruido took the permission from Veda to remove Marlene's explosive collar, effectively removing her from the Gundam Meister roster. It was not Ruido's intention to stop Marlene from fighting, but it was his wish for her to live her life free as a human being. And from here, Chall married Ruido to Marlene.

Several years later, in the gap, Ruido and Marlene gave birth to Feldt. This false name “Feldt" (Feldt also has a "real name") was Ruido and Marlene’s idea, and Chall was also consulted. Marlene was also registered as a spare meister, but now her daily work was on watching over Feldt’s growth. Chall was pretty much similar. Because Ruido was the only mechanic among the second generation meisters, he was involved in the production of the Third Generation Gundams. When there was time, he spent it with Feldt, and Ruido informs the very young Feldt “This Gundam is dreadfully amazing…” However, the day after day peace did not last long.

The group sensed a huge scale terrorist attack directed towards the HRL Orbital Elevator planned from the shadows by the AEU. Veda decided not to intervene, but Chall and gang worked up with an intervention plan anyway. As they couldn't use their beam weapons, the mission’s vital point is Gundam Plutone. The Plutone was to release high dense particles at the centre of the battlefield, which would then send all mobile suits around to malfunction and stop working. Just at the last moment that the GN Conderser of the Gundam Plutone started to run wildly, Chall was to eject in the core fighter to be out of danger. Ruido in Astrea was to retrieve the core fighter and retreat. Gundam Meister 874 was asked to cooperate by Ruido to retrieve the body of Plutone after the operation. Marlene volunteered to sortie as she couldn't stand and wait while Ruido and the rest where doing a risky armed intervention. The group prepared for the operation and then sortied.

Moments later, Chall woke up in the sickroom while Ian and Moreno watch over her. As she wondered what had happened, she started to remember the operation. They were able to acquire the approval of Veda regarding the terrorist obstruction mission, but the core fighter’s escape system did not function. In addition, the level of particles was at higher levels than expected, with the possibility of a GN Drive explosion. Chall was shocked as the core escape system was working perfectly during the preparation. She started to think that there was interference from a superior system in Veda. In order to save Chall, Ruido’s Astraea and Marlene’s Albulhool approached. “You must live” – These were the last words she heard.


Chall wakes up after the Plutone Tragedy and mourns as she holds on to Marlene's hair ornament and Ruido's jacket.

Ruido and Marlene, who were bathed in a large quantity of GN Particles, instantly died. Chall was saved, but it left a huge scar on her left eye and the left of her body and her hair turned white. Gundam Meister 874 and the unknown pilot of the 0 Gundam recovered the Gundams and the GN Drives. The terrorist attack had been diffused, and there were talks between HRL and AEU. With her friends gone, the only things left from the original Chall are her body which was scarred here and there, and the hair ornament of Marlene. “Why did Marlene tell me, ‘Live!’? What should I do with my life?” There is no simple answer. To succeed the will of the two. To eradicate the dispute caused by war. The ideas of Aeolia changed something greater in Chall.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00P Season 2

File No.11: Prologue

The chapter starts with Grave Violento flight testing the GN-XXX Gundam Rasiel, with the 0 Gundam behind overlooking the test. There were five Third Generation Gundams, and with that, the GN Drive that was powering the 0 Gundam has to be passed on to the Rasiel Gundam. However, since the other Gundams were not yet tested, the 0 Gundams was used to accompany Rasiel during the test. It'll be the last time the 2 Gundams would sortie together.

Among the Third Generation Gundams, the development of the Gundam Rasiel was closely monitored by Veda. Its purpose was considered classified and only a few people have access to that information. As a sign of secrecy, the Gundam was given the model number GN-XXX.

Grave met with Ian Vashti after the test run. Ian asked about the performance of the shoulder thrust design on the Rasiel. Despite designing the Gundam, Ian has limited knowledge when it comes to the expected and actual performance of the Rasiel. Grave only gave praise about the system, which is less info of what Ian was expecting. Just then, another pilot, Hixar Fermi, appeared to intrude with their conversation.

Hixar started proposing the idea of promoting women into the organization to lighten up the atmosphere. Grave, uninterested, walked away. Hixar tried to force Ian to convince Grave about it, but Ian wanted to pass from the topic as he already have a wife and a child. Hixar then expressed his frustration; despite having 2 women in their group, the dark Chall Acustica and the childlike hologram Gundam Meister 874, they weren't the type of women who were fit for a relationship. Hixar believed that hot women would be very helpful in the organization as it would boost the morale of the Meisters; he began planning to propose this concept to Veda.

File No.12: Grave Violento

Discusses about Grave Violento pilot of Gundam Rasiel spends more time acting as an agent to acquire information on military operations in preparation for Celestial Being's debut and protecting the organization by manipulating intelligence to ensure Celestial Being remains a secret till it begins its armed interventions. Grave need to find 4 or more third generation Gundam meisters to pilot Exia, Dynames, Kyrios, and Nadleeh. The spare meisters Lasse Aeon, Eco Calore, and Amy Zimbalist were reviewed.

Grave and Hixar, who hid Gundam Rasiel in GN Optical Camouflage for a mission, came into a town. Among the three meister candidates, as the result of the examination of a certain meister candidate, they identified a guy that the HRL Special Military force runs after. Certainly HRL’s, but why the exact person was chosen by Veda was not known. The meister candidate is a person called a “super soldier”. However, without a current success for a “super soldier”, they also move towards research reduction. Because the meister candidate also had split personality, they decided to dispose of him. Grave himself upon scouting thought that the demerits were numerous, but Veda’s decision is absolute.


Hixar Fermi and Grave Violento

The mission called “Scout a beautiful woman in town for CB” was given to Hixar, and Grave confronts a target HRL Special Duty Force member “Shep Alwan”. Grave eliminates Alwan through his impossible physical strength. After that, with the unstealthed Rasiel, he eliminated 3 special force Tierens. Chall disposes of the remains of the Tieren with a destructive blast that does not leave a mark. The accident that involved this girl, who is a second generation Gundam Meister, is one of the biggest accidents in Celestial Being's history, second to the century-old incident in Jupiter. One that surprised Grave was that it was one of the missions accepted by Veda. Grave decided to look into the details of the event when he have the chance to do so.

And then, Hixar’s mission was a failure. Hixar chased a girl when a disturbance happened on the main street. Hixar's mission was just a set up made by Grave to divert Hixar's attention away from Grave's scouting mission. Grave was able to complete his mission, however, Grave felt a bit sad for Hixar who was taking responsibility for his mission failure seriously.

File No.13: Intelligence Agency

Grave piloting Gundam Rasiel accidentally battled with some random group of AEU Hellion Medium and defeats them in 46 seconds. The support group, consisting of Chall, Hixar, Ian and Moreno, later went to Grave's location to discuss the plan of concealing the identity of the Gundam. Hixar began to complain how Veda hadn't foreseen this accident happening, prompting Grave to correct him that Veda only predict events from calculating probability, not random events. The conversation accidentally reminded Chall of the accident with Plutone almost 10 years ago, sending the atmosphere into silence. Hixar immediately apologized for bringing up the topic and let Chall explain the rest of the plan. To hide the identity of the Gundams and its weapons, the group used Veda's information control to conceal what had happened. They also disposed of the parts with beam signature on them and sell the remaining parts to the black market. Moreno was also there to examine the remains of the pilots. Grave apologized for making his comrades work for his mess, but Hixar replied that if it's for a friend like Grave, they would not hesitate to help. Grave didn't gave a proper reply, which he would later regret in the future.

Grave, who has left Chall and gang, started to work on the investigation mission about one of the meisters, Neil Dylandy. Grave's data said that around the time of his childhood, Neil lost his family and only his younger brother remains. Grave successfully examined his terrorist-hating aspect. He also left behind superior grades in sports marksmanship.

Ian, Moreno and Hixar (right panel) following Grave during his scouting of Neil Dylandy

After following Neil for 3 hours, Grave found out that Neil was generally liked by everyone. Neil took good care of his companion’s feelings. If this man is to be scouted, he may increase solidarity among the meisters, but that might be some very hard work.

Not long, Grave noticed that he was being followed. Upon close inspection, he learned that Hixar, Ian and Moreno in disguise followed him. This infuriated Grave, for what they had done was a violation of the scouting's confidentiality. Despite making up excuses and pointing of fingers, the three eventually apologized to Grave. They sincerely explained that they were just interested in the new colleague. Out of his mind, Grave accidentally asked them about Chall's feeling about the new comrade. The three responded that Chall decided not to come as she didn't want to meet the Meister. Grave understood Chall's fear of having new companions, as she had lost her close friends before. He began to wonder if Neil would be able to heal Chall's past wounds; though he immediately discarded the idea as recruiting a Meister wasn't for healing an injured woman. However, his interest remains in eventually recruiting Neil Dylandy to their group.

File No.14: Sefer Rasiel

Grave linked from a special terminal to Veda, and was given high access authorization only for information about the organization member candidates. He saw the data of Leesa Kujo. A former AEU tactical forecaster, she obtained her capabilities as a tactician from an international university in the Union. She was a forecaster whose ideal tactics were to swiftly settle battles, minimize damage, and save lives.

The AEU commander-in-charge had the two different people set up an original strategy plan in the recapture operation of AEU facilities that have been occupied by HRL. The tacticians were Kujo and Mannequin. Mannequin was a rare genius who had contributed to many battle related victories. So then, the two set up mission plans that were both extremes. Kujo's force, who have entered the institution, found Mannequin's Hellion force who was following HRL soldiers. The two instructed that they needed to confirm whether the opposing force was an enemy or an ally, but the pilots from both sides commenced battle. It was confirmed a few minutes later that it was a friendly force, but large damages have been done, and Leesa's lover had participated in it.

Grave thought that Leesa Kujo experienced tragedy and might be sympathetic of Celestial Being's ideology. However, he wondered if her past could have a bad effect on her relations with his comrades. In his mind, it reminded him of Chall, who experienced the same deep sadness. He also wondered if Leesa's experience would be helpful to Celestial Being.

Chall visited Moreno's medical office for her regular treatments. Chall, whose body has been bathed in an overdose of GN particles in the "Plutone Accident", had a heavy disability on her cells. Her telomeres were damaged, and regenerative treatment also couldn't be done. 874 offered the nanomachines that repair the cell disorder.

(Left) Chall attending her medical check-up with Moreno; (Right) Gundam Meister 874's body

When the restoration of the telomeres was done, perpetual youth was achieved too. Moreno continued to study GN particle toxicology along with Chall's medical treatment. Veda approved of medical-related data access to Moreno. The medical treatment and biology data that had accumulated in Veda was huge and was very much needed by the organization.

Few years ago, Gundam Meister 874 was constructed a body in preparation for the Third Generation Gundams' armed intervention, which she would partake. 874's body's production was constructed after a human being's, and was done by organism macromolecules. She was made out of the assembly of 60 trillion+ piled up cell blocks artificially made beforehand. This body was born in a few hours, but has a face of a 10-year old. Because this body was different from the one generated from the fertilized egg, there was no ontogeny. This body also possesses many nano-machines not found in humans. However, 874 thought, "If I use this body, could my life could be snatched away?". This was because 874’s thoughts changed since Ruido and Marlene were lost in the Plutone Accident. Because Veda respected her will, it decided that it would be best to give her body an independent character data, "887".

Back to the present, Grave in Rasiel was investigating the leaked info about Test Subject E-057. Suddenly, pilots who were members of the Next Generation Technology Development Laboratory witnessed the Gundam Rasiel, and having relayed the news, the Next Generation Technology Development Laboratory started to move to capture the Gundam. The Next Generation Technology Development Laboratory's purpose were to capture escaped super soldier test subjects, which Test Subject E-57 was one of, and to pursue development of a new Tieren. Those who witnessed the Rasiel were First Lieutenant Delphine Bedelia, and Second Lieutenant Leonard Fiennes. Leonard was a super soldier dispatched from the super soldier facility, but his ability was not that high. Grave knew he fell into a trap, but he felt no need to hurry. The GN Sefer that Hixar was piloting was coming, and he knew the height of the ability of the combined Sefer Rasiel.

File No.15: Sefer Rasiel (2)

Grave, who noticed a Realdo force ahead, expanded the Optical Camouflage, and everyone who have started to move towards him halted. It seems he's trap in between the Union Forces and HRL's special forces. He analyzed the situation and patiently waited for his opportunity.

At a Celestial Being headquarters on Earth, Hixar and Ian received the order to sortie. Ian advised Hixar to see Moreno as Hixar seemed to have caught a cold. Hixar protested that he's not sick, and his sneezing was just sign that women elsewhere were thinking of him, which made Ian comment that Hixar might not have a cold afterall as stupid people don't get sick easily. Sensing Ian's sarcasm, Hixar bragged that Ian himself keep his daughter from coming in their base in fear that she'll fall for him. From behind, Linda Vashti, Ian's wife, exclaimed that Mileina was too young to be involved in Celestial Being. Hixar and Ian were surprised and glad to see Linda on Earth. Linda just arrived from Lagrange 3 to send the GN Sefers that Hixar would pilot. Hixar complimented Ian and Linda for their work. He then sortied leading a troop of Haros with a total of 3 GN Sefers.

With a part of the GN Sefer that was separated installed, Grave tackled the Realdo forces in Sefer Rasiel Form 3 one by one using the bits. He then faced the MSJ-06YIII-B Tieren Kyitwo on the ground, but it proved to be a challenge. It dodged Sefer Rasiel's bits and managed to shoot them down. Hixar's pod was also shot, and it crashed. Grave was ready for close combat battle, but at this point, 5 GN Sefers led by Gundam Meister 874 materialized, and they united one after the other at the core block at the back of Rasiel.

Delphine Bedelia and Leonard Fiennes after the battle with Sefer Rasiel

Having 5 bits at the left and right side, Sefer Rasiel, signifying the 4th Form, was its natural appearance. Grave cornered the Tieren Kyitwo, but because of the battle continuation time limit, he let the Tieren go. Before the reinforcements of the Realdo force that had stopped their contact come in, the Gundam-related battle traces needed to be concealed.

Leonard, who got out of the Tieren Kyitwo after it left the battlefield, trembled. Delphine softly caressed his face. If not for Leonard, they would have been killed already. Delphine thought that surely next time, she would want to have victory in her own hands for Leonard.

File No.16: AEU Assault

The scene starts with a group of mercenaries piecing together mysterious things that happened 10 years ago in the HRL Elevator, the mysterious distribution of mobile suit parts in the black market and the appearance of a mysterious object fighting against the HRL's prototype Tieren. Their leader, Fon Spaak, realized the force behind these events and ordered his men to prepare for battle.

The group sent a rumour of the appearance of a mysterious mobile suit on the desert. The Delphine and Leonard went to the location and mobilized the Tieren Kyitwo to look for the Gundam, but the appearance of the AEU forces sent odd premonition to Leonard, and the two immediately retreated from the scene. Grave noticed the Kyitwo retreating, but noticed the AEU forces on the area. By deducting the facts, Grave concluded that the AEU force spread the information about the Gundams. Since it was only the group that has the info in the AEU, according to Veda, Grave went on to annihilate the enemy small force.

The Hellion machines were shot down one by one, and those who remained retreated. Grave then received a light-wave communication from the Agrissa Type 7 that remained, and it asked, "Why, don't you want to know how I know about your team's existence?" At this question, Grave hesitated to attack. The enemy opened his cockpit, with both of his arms raised as a sign of surrender. Grave decided to confront the pilot about what he knew. The Rasiel landed in front of the Agrissa, but when the machine was near, suddenly the Agrissa covered the Rasiel in a plasma shield that was expanded. At the enemy's hands was a remote-control for his Agrissa. It was a trap the Gundam can withstand, but Grave was exposed to these big electric shocks which can kill him. However, Grave was made to pilot the Gundam in combat; a particle beam is fired from the Rasiel, silencing the Agrissa.


Meeting of Fon Spaak and Grave Violento

The enemy pilot safely got out of the cockpit and jump down from the top of 30 meter tall mobile armor. Grave called to the enemy pilot, who, despite his injuries, had begun to walk away as if nothing had happened. The man turned around. Grave removed his helmet and exposed his face, hoping the enemy to respond the same. "A long haired chap?," the blond boy replied as he took off his helmet, and burst into laughter when asked about his name. He called himself, "Fon Spaak". "How do you know about us?," Grave inquired. "I gathered evidence," Fon retorted. "It was hidden too perfectly. If a human does it, I'm positive that irresponsibility accompanies it. My eyes are contrarily attracted to over perfection." Fon tried to leave from that place. Suddenly, an instruction from Veda entered into Grave's computer terminal. The instruction said, "Make the best use of Fon Spaak". However, Fon turned down the proposal, as his recent lost was too mortifying. Grave speculated that this young man would later become one of their comrades.

File No.17: New Gundam

At Lagrange 1, Grave, Meister 874 and Hixar were testing Sefer Rasiel Form 5. To complete the form, 4 GN Sefers were used. Hixar, Meister 874 and 2 Haros piloted the support units. Hixar led the group; despite him having low battle performance, Meister 874 let Hixar have a go at it. The sight of Sefer Rasiel's 5th form awed the pilots, except Meister 874, who immediately asked them to move on to perform with the Bit test. The Gundam seemed to be having problems when it comes to simultaneously controlling all its bits, even despite having the GN Sefer pods for extra control. Hixar tried to cheer the team by saying that it'll be alright as long as the Sefer pods can control the bits. With that, the team concluded that better performance will come with better support pilots. They started by putting Hixar through immediate training. Hixar tried to pass, but his request was shot down immediately.


Gundam Meister 874 overwatching Tieria Erde's test on Gundam Nadleeh

Tieria was also testing the GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh, as Gundam Meister 874 watched over. Gundam Meister 874 could watch over both test at the same time because of Veda and the fact that she's technically just an information terminal. Tieria's existence was also kept secret from Grave, as his duty as a Meister was also a top secret from Veda; he's the one responsible for the Gundam Meisters' Trial System. This system was supposed to have been installed to Gundam Plutone, but it was not tested due to Chall Acustica's incompatibility with the system. Gundam Meister 874 was a candidate to run the system, but since she rejected to have an actual body, Veda, respecting her wishes, chose to find other candidates for the position. 874 didn't know why Tieria was selected; only Veda knew about this.

Tieria continued with Nadleeh's combat testing. Despite showing good results, the Gundam's frame was not built for actual combat. It was meant to be a mobile suit hidden inside external components, which guise would be the one that would participate in the armed interventions. The technology behind Nadleeh could be compared to that of Plutone's escape core pod. However, the actual escape pod wasn't implemented due to its limiting combat effectiveness, which could hamper the pilot's safety even more, so an MS frame was used in its place. The "Plutone Tragedy" was also one of the factors for this decision. Speaking of Plutone, it was completely rebuilt in the Celestial Being warehouse, and a piece of 874 terminal noticed Chall looking at it with emptiness. After the Nadleeh test, Tieria returned to the Development Department and prepared for Nadleeh's armor, Gundam Virtue's, test.

874 looked back at Grave and Hixar's training, and noticed Hixar's skills to be improving faster than expected. She marveled on humanity's unpredictability. She continued to watch over the humanity, the world and the plan.

File No.18: Gundam Virtue

The mock-up battle between Rasiel and Virtue commenced to test the Virtue Physical. However, inside the Rasiel's cockpit, Grave was thinking about other issues. The remaining 4th position, the Meister for Gundam Exia, has been reserved by Veda during his scouting. Now, the Meister he was facing was one that he hadn't got any information beforehand. It made him think about the Meister before him might not have been recruited, but created by Veda. Grave then though about the existence created agents called Innovades, whose existence was only known by few in the organization. They were those who mimicked the abilities of the new breed of human, the Innovators, that Aeolia had foreseen.

Until a few months ago, the set-up of the Gundam Meisters weren't given by Veda. Though, after Gundam Meister 874 refused her position and after one of senior members made the proposal, Veda finally decided to made the group of Gundam Meisters to comprise those of humans. However, by changing its decision once again, Grave felt that him searching for alternate candidates had been a waste of time. On the other hand, Grave understood Veda's intention that putting a full team of human Meisters was just irresponsible, as the organization had been protecting a century old Plan on the way. Putting an Innovade into the group would make sure to deal with traitors in the future. In addition, by possibly not informing Tieria that he's an Innovade, Veda was avoiding for the human recruitment to be compromised. Grave then prepared for battle, to test if recruiting Tieria was the way to go.

During the fight, Sefer Rasiel's attacks weren't working because of Virtue's GN-Field. Grave couldn't also find an opportunity to attack when Virtue dropped its field because of Virtue's amassing firepower in between its missiles and GN Beam Cannon. Grave eventually lost his balance and was about to be hit by the Vitrue's beam blast. As Grave was about to use the bits, Hixar plunged his GN Sefer into the line of Virtue’s beam, with its particles spread out to diffuse the beam attack. The blast had been diffused, but Hixar's support unit began to explode into a ball of fire. Grave immediately left the battle and quickly rushed to Hixar's rescue.


Ian, Moreno and Grave celebrating on Hixar's recovery

In the infirmary, Grave reported to Veda that Hixar Fermi has been healthy and okay. Grave was surprised of what really happened. As Grave thanked Dr. Moreno, Moreno admit on doing nothing and marveled about how Veda's autonomous robots recovered Hixar from serious burns. Ian commented on how lucky Hixar was. Hixar waved off the compliments and apologized to Grave about how he acted. Grave was surprised, but showed his thanks to Hixar for saving him back then. As Hixar complained about the Virtue pilot going all out, Ian confessed that the limiter of the Virute had been removed. This enraged Hixar and blamed Ian for the incident. Moreno quickly showed Hixar to the other room to calm the situation.

With a serious face, Ian confronted Grave about the broken limiter on Virtue. He apologized about the accident, but also pointed out that the Virtue wasn't supposed to go full power as they had adjusted the unit beforehand. Grave immediately realized that someone sabotaged the Virtue to kill him. Ian couldn't say for sure, but reminded both of them to take good caution in the future.

As Grave thought about all these things that had happened, he connected to Veda and asked if Tieria had asked about Hixar's condition. Veda responded that Tieria had inquired about Hixar several times. Grave was satisfied and approved of Tieria. It didn't matter now if Tieria wasn't human, as long as he had a human heart that worried about his comrades.

File No.19: Escaper

The man appears at the start of the scene. He who was of other personality was able to freely move while his partner sleeps. He rose up from their hiding place.

Fon Spaak engaged in a battle with Delphine and Leonard in a Tieren Kyitwo in one side. Here, the origin of "Fon Spaak" is also explained. His characteristic laughter becomes his nickname that is Fon (sound) and Spaak (explosion) attached to each other. With the menacing laugh, they thought he was doing it with his tongue sticking out his mouth. Leonard and Delphine was at the location to look for that glowing machine. They noticed that the enemy seemed to know their target as well. They continued to dodge the enemies' attack, as Leonard signaled Delphine to fire. Fon let his own bright red Hellion Medium to be shot down with the purpose of making the Gundams appear, but unexpectedly Delphine and Leonard retreated.

At nightfall, Delphine and Leonard went to another mission wearing civilian clothes. Delphine thought about Leonard's sudden decision to retreat from the battle earlier due to sensing that the enemy was determined to be shot down. On their way, Leonard face tightened; a man whose right eye was golden appeared before the two who were moving in a big town. He was still young. Though his face was hidden behind a thick hood, only a mad smile up up the corner of his lips is shown. Delphine questioned the young man if he was the guy from earlier, but after the hooded figure recognized Leonard as a super soldier, Delphine learned it was one of the escaped test super soldier from that incident; their target.

Hallelujah confronting Delphine and Leonard

There was one case of massive escape from the facility, but it was not known how many of the subjects survived up until now. HRL had sent special forces to confirm their existence and eliminate them from the shadows.

"But having said that, you're really unlucky. It's my free time now, and my partner's not here to stop me." The young man put on a stance with knives on both hands, and Delphine also immediately drew a gun. As Delphine put Leonard to the side, the man asked why she wanted to protect him. Her child? Lover? Delphine couldn't answer. He then asked the young child, which Leonard answered, "Delphine is an important person". He continued to warn the man that Delphine could shoot, which the man replied even at distance he could aim for them if he wasn't hit. After a moment, Leonard's face started to strain in a headache. Delphine felt that the headache was caused by the target.

Within this strained silence, Leonard opened his mouth. "Please. Don't make Delphine shoot you..., if she shoots and kills you, it would hurt her heart." At the time, Delphine noticed that during their battles, Leonard made her not hit a fatal shot. He had an unusually high ability; he didn't fail to shoot down enemies because of his skills, but because he was deliberately avoiding her to destroy them.

"Can such a wish be granted in this situation?", said the hooded man who was prepared to use his knife. Leonard said, "If you don't leave, I will wake up "he" who is inside you". "Tsk, guess I have no choice", said the man. Delphine didn't shoot the man as he walked away with his back exposed, as she was lost to the recent fact she just discovered that time.

File No.20: Innovado

Leonard and Delphine continue with a mock battle inside the research facility. Delphine proposed the mock battle to confirm her doubts. Delphine remembered Leonard's words back then. She realized that Leonard didn't just want to defend her body, but also her heart. During the mock battle, the Kyitwo managed to hit all the targets. Though, this was just a mock-battle, not a real fight. Delphine thought that up until now, she had faced intense fighting because the enemies were formidable. If it was just because Leonard was holding back, sooner or later, they will get killed in combat. There were two ways to get away from this outcome; one was to quit their duty. However, Leonard might be left in the military. The other was to shoot down their targets. To do this, she has to ignore Leonard's wishes. She thought she must find the answer as soon as possible.


Chall talks to Grave

The scene changes to Celestial Being. Chall goes inside Grave's room where he was reading. He had worked with Chall numerous times before, but for her to approach him privately this time was the first. Chall was with Moreno that time for her check up when the recent accident happened. She heard from Moreno that Hixar had been completely cured from being completely scorched, and tremblingly inquired to Grave, "Can Veda possibly revive people from the dead?" She came up with it because the technology of Celestial Being was more advance compared to that of the rest of the world. Grave couldn't explain to her what he knew, as he was bound to confidentiality by Veda. In addition, he couldn't give her false hopes about her lost companions. Grave tried to carefully explain that Hixar was not dead that time; Veda has no power to revive dead people. He added, "Regrettably, Veda is not god." There was silence, and Grave knew his words was that of a death sentence to Chall, who still holds on to the memories of her late companions.

Grave, who has special authorization, when he read Veda's data, found that the data uploaded for Hixar was registered as "Human", but having seen the recent accident, the guy did not seem human. Innovades were produced to imitate humans, but the copying of individuals were fundamentally not practiced. Production from the gene pattern prepared beforehand was the usual method, though it was also possible to make a copy of the individual if a long time was spent. The problem was, in spite of Hixar not being a human, the fact was being concealed from the organization. The explanation might be said that he was created for observing the organization, but this was simply unimaginable. Grave felt an uncomfortable feeling lurk inside him when this patching together these incidents that happened while he was selecting the Meisters. "Someone is intervening with Veda, the plan is distorted."

File No.21: Swift Current

The scene starts with the confrontation between Tieren Kyiwo and Gundam Rasiel. The battle has not yet started and but the tension in the air was intense. In Rasiel's cockpit, Grave hadn't though he would fight to kill the two pilot. He believed that the chances of them spreading info about the Gundams were low, but Veda suddenly ordered him to eliminate the pilots of the HRL prototype.

Moments before, Grave received an order from Veda dismissing him from recruiting other Meister candidates. He was shocked, as he hadn't yet completed recruiting people for the Meister position. The one he was concerned with was the selection of the Exia's Meister. Grave had recommended different pilots on the position, but they were all rejected by Veda; as if it was reserve for someone. There was someone intervening with his recruitment mission.


Grave and the selected Meisters (background; left to right), Test Subject E-57, Neil Dylandy and Tieria Erde

Grave haven't received any specific details about the results of last Meister's selection; the only thing he knew was that Veda has recognized a proposed candidate. The preparation work for the Gundams and the Meisters had already begun, and Grave have been relieved to know that the appointment of the pilots to each Gundams had gone smoothly. Despite not him overlooking the process, Grave knew that Veda wouldn't allow compromise when it comes to the Plan. And looking at the known selected Meisters, he thought he could work with them just fine; Neil Dylandy, Test Subject E-57 (Allelujah and Hallelujah) and Tieria Erde. And even if there were slight problems, there was a new support team Chall was organizing to deal with them.

And then, Grave received a new mission from Veda. "Eliminate Gundam eye-witnesses, and people who are knowledgeable on the organization's existence". The number one on the list that Veda presented was Fon Spaak. Then second was the two Tieren Kyitwo pilots. They were once recognized as no threat in spreading Celestial Being's existence. Grave doubts grew larger, but he couldn't go against Veda's orders. He thought out of a plan to make Veda change its decision.

Hixar suddenly showed up to Grave. He has been given the same instruction as Grave and wanted to tell him that he would be there to protect him. Grave appreciated his sentiment, but asked that if the plan was threatened, he should leave him. However, he stated that he wouldn't let himself be killed; a declaration of war to whoever was watching him from the shadows. Grave couldn't locate Fon Spaak's current location, so he moved on to locating the 2 HRL soldiers. Grave passed a cipher communication to the target using the network.

Several days later, they meet at Grave's designated location. Kyitwo confronted Rasiel. Delphine asked Leonard permission to fire, which he firmly refused. "I know you want to fight to protect me, and I am making it hard for you. However, that glowing mobile suit seems different... I have this feeling," Leonard told Delphine. It seemed that the unavoidable battle was not an ordinary one.

File No.22: Betrayer

The scene happened after Grave just received his extermination mission from Veda. In his room, he looked at the list of Gundam witnesses. One information caught his eye. "Soran Ebrahim." The info stated that the boy had witnessed the 0 Gundam during one of its interventions, but there were no elimination orders issued against him. The Gundam pilot had reported that the boy was to be left alone, as he would be unlikely to spread info about Celestial Being and would be a great asset in the future - the same assessment as Fon Spaak's. Now, one was to be spared and one was to be eliminated.

At this time, Chall knocked on his door, and went in for a visit. Grave had previously planned to visit Chall's room to talk to her about something important, but she immediately turned it down and proposed to visit him instead. Grave started by telling her that he had been dismissed from recruiting Meister candidates and was transferred into eliminating Celestial Being witnesses. He told her that his first targets were the HRL Tieren Kyitwo pilots. Chall was the one who investigated the two pilots and had concluded that the two wouldn't be of threat to Celestial Being. She was surprised to hear about Veda's decision, but Grave reassured her, “I will go to battle, but I have no plans of disposing anyone”. He explained that he would make Veda withdraw its extermination orders. Chall expressed that Grave might have been overdoing it just for her sake, but Grave replied that he's doing this for his beliefs. After a moment of silence, Chall threw her deep sentiments to him, “Please return alive. A gentle person like you is not suited for combat. Gentleness is what kills a person.” Grave promised her that he would return alive.

They then talked about the support team Chall was organizing. Grave and Hixar were supposed to help Chall after the recruitment of Gundam Meisters, but since they were immediately transferred to extermination duty, the chances of that happening now was very slim. Grave conveyed to Chall the existence of a candidate that would be helpful to her group and assured her that he would ask Veda to inform her about his identity; the man named Fon Spaak.

Back to the fighting, in a certain desert, Grave confronted the Tieren Kyitwo. He told them his mission of disposing of them for the sake of his organization's secrecy. However, he wanted to use this battle to prove that such order is not needed and they are not a threat. As the Gundam began to move, Leonard went on and permitted Delphine to fire on his command. The impact of the 500mm Acceleration Gun's blast on the glowing mobile suit would neither destroy it nor kill the pilot, but it would be enough to make the pilot unconscious and for them to complete their mission. Using his Quantum Brainwaves, Grave used Sefer Rasial's Bits to quickly defend against the enemy's attack, which gave him enough opportunity to shoot down the Kyitwo in less than 1 second. Grave retreated from the scene and insisted to Veda that the enemies were no longer threats, and the info about the battle would be limited in the HRL.

Hixar & Grave

Hixar shooting Grave

Grave returned to the base, and just as he has changed to civilian clothes, the conclusion of Veda came out; “The cancellation of disposal instruction.” He expressed relief about the news and Hixar was there to congratulate him. However, behind the smile, Hixar pulled his gun and shot Grave multiple times. Hixar's heart was thrown into chaos. Grave already knew that there was someone watching over him and trying to send him to unnecessary missions to take him out. But he didn't think that the one on the other side would control Hixar against him. He should have anticipated it.

As he fell, Grave muttered, “I’m s… sorry, Hixar...”, which failed to reach the panicked Hixar. That very day, Grave was marked as “Deleted” in Veda’s Gundam Meister list. And then Hixar’s record was re-registered from “Human” to “Innovade." However, this was only seen in the high level access. In the general level access, Hixar was also marked as “Deleted."

File No.23: Gundam 874

The first person who perceived the current situation was Gundam Meister 874. Grave had already gone into cardiac arrest, and beside him was Hixar, who was staring blankly at empty space. Meister 874 understood that there was an enemy. She immediately appeared to Ian Vashti's monitor screen and asked for his help. At the same time, Moreno was also present. Meister 874 immediately led Moreno to the sight of the incident. She then asked Ian to prepare the Gundam 874. Suddenly, Ian realized the seriousness of the situation. Furthermore, she requested it to be done by the next day, to Ian's surprise. The parts of the Gundam were already done, but the full preparation of the Mobile Suit could take months. Despite this, Ian promised to do what he could to get it done.

Then, Ian began thinking of other problems needed to be dealt with. He asked for the Gundam's solar furnace; using large GN Condensers could only sustain the Gundam for 30 minutes even without using its beams. Meister 874 requested Rasiel's to be used. Ian realized the implications that Grave was recently incapacitated and the one Moreno was attending at the moment. Another problem was that Meister 874 needed a body. She could control the Gundams through Veda, but there was the risk of sudden disconnection during operations. Meister 874 had rejected having a body before, leading to the cancellation of her Gundam's development and her removal from the Gundam Meister roster. Gundam Meister 874 replied that she already have it covered, with bitter expression on her face.

During Meister 874's conversation with Ian, she was also looking around Hixar's room. Hixar, who was devastated by the recent events, haven't return to his room. In the darkness dimly lit by the table's lamp shade, Meister 874 began scanning through Hixar's personal computer in hope of tracing the one responsible for Grave's murder. To unlock it, she used the password, "FRIEND", which was what reminded her of Hixar. Inside, she uncovered, besides pictures of women, was Hixar's diary. It wasn't updated frequently, but she managed to look at the file concerning the Virtue's mock battle. Hixar was shot down and should have been died back then, but he survived with only slight injuries. Even Hixar was surprised as he remembered dying. In there Hixar wrote, "I might not be human." He understood his existence in the organization might give an impact to the group, and yet he couldn’t decide to tell anyone. In the end, he did not expect that this lapse of judgment would later cause Grave’s death.

Furthermore, Meister 874 appeared in Innovade 887’s room and she was welcomed by 887 with a smile. Meister 874 was like an elder sister and was also a person who could be called a mother to Innovade 887. Looking at 887's face, 874 began contemplating what she was about to do. However, there was not time left for doubts as the enemy was lurking around. She told 887, “I would like to borrow your body.” In surprise, 887 did not say a word. Meister 874 continued that she needed a body to pilot a mobile suit; she couldn't promise to return it, but she'll ask Veda to take care of the rest. “Haaa…Haaaaaah!” The sound of Innovade 887’s heart break – it was a sorrowful shout, as if she had been denied of the world in general.


Gundam Meister 874 preparing to sortie

A few hours later, Meister 874 changed to her pilot suit and prepared to sortie. She met Ian in the warehouse. He reported that everything was fine except the name of the Gundam. The Gundams were usually named by Veda after myths and legends based on their function and purpose. “Gundam Artemie”, 874 replied in an instant. The machine’s silhouette resembles a bee. Artemis, the Goddess of the Moon, is symbolized by a bee that gives good harvest, and furthermore, a bee draws an 8 in its flight trajectory. It is suitable to the Gundam of 874’s spirit and 887’s body.

“Where is the enemy?” Ian asked. If it was assumed that the enemy was an insider, he or she must knew that 874 would retaliate after Grave’s elimination. And the one effective method to eliminate her was to lure her into combat. “The place is here. The enemy is on the inside.”

File No.24: Base Sequence 0026

Leonard and Delphine were in the HRL’s service yard after they sent in their Mobile Suit that was destroyed in battle few days ago. The ones doing the repair work were those in Next Generation Technology Development Laboratory; the info about the beam traces were kept in the department to prevent the spreading of info outside the HRL. Leonard and Delphine began talking about the Mobile Suit pilot that spared their lives from the last battle. Leonard accounted to Delphine about feeling the warmth of the pilot from the other side and expressed his admiration. After the encounter, they decided to no longer capture the target Mobile Weapon. Leonard then requested to search for the pilot and wanted to be one of his comrade. The two were still in search of Super Soldiers, but they set out for their new goal ahead.

The same day, Tieria abruptly received a mission from Veda: there were additional tests to Virtue Physical to be done. The mission asked for Virtue to operate for about 10 hours - a preparation for long period battles. At that same time, Ian and the rest of the engineers were prohibited from entering the hangar where Exia, Dynames, and Kyrios were present. They tried to get an explanation from Veda, but with no avail. Ian then remembered Meister 874's words that there was an enemy from the organization. A battle between mobile suits powered by solar furnaces suddenly occurred to him. Ian began regretting not securing the solar furnaces beforehand.

Gundam Meister 874 went to space. Just then, two unknown MS, with cannons sticking out of their shoulders, appeared on 874's screen, both using the solar furnace from the Gundams. According to the plan, there were two kinds of Gundams in development, those for Innovades and those for Humans. Despite being an Innovade herself, 874 didn't have any privilege to access information about the development of the Innovade mobile suits, as she was involved with Human-type development.

The enemies started to attack Artemie with particle beams from long distance. As she dodged the attacks, she immediately launched her bits and accessed the Trial System. The machines equipped with solar furnace stopped moving. It was because of this feature 874 had decided to assemble Artemie in the first place. Despite disabling the enemies, 874 continued to be cautious. Just then, her Trial System was canceled. Tieria Erde, the one Veda assigned to the Trial System, was accessing the system. The Trial System couldn't be used simultaneously and the only one with higher privilege has the right to maintain it. 874 began suspecting Tieria as a conspirator, but the enemy corrected her through Quantum Brainwaves that Tieria was just ordered by Veda to test the Nadleeh. Immediately, she began piecing the identity of the enemy. The use of Quantum Brainwaves, the access to Innovade Mobile Suits and that the enemy was also an Innovade; the first Innovade Meister Ribbons Almark began appearing on her mind. However, he also has high privilege to the Trial System and wouldn't do such task just to cancel out her Trial System. "What a pity. So close...," said the enemy.

The enemy introduced himself as Beside Pain, which name means to "carry the pain". 874 tried to access his info on Veda, but the info about Meisters were protected by Veda. As of mockery, Beside then sent her his image and his registration number; a young man with green hair, just like Ribbons, came into view. Just as she saw his face, 874 was filled with anger. Beside continued to mock her; Is she angry because she can now express emotions with her new body? Is Grave that important to her, a man who now have little importance to the Plan? Beside began assessing Grave's condition, laughing at Moreno's attempts on trying to revive the dead man.


Gundam Meister 874 facing Beside Pain (left)

Meister 874 shot 4 bits while thrusting towards the enemy. Even if her attack didn't defeat the enemies, it should be enough to damage them. Hearing that Moreno was still attending to Grave gave 874 some hope that Grave would later sortie to face the enemy. Beside then told her that such hope is impossible to happen, as he was already using the remaining solar furnace. An MS came into view after releasing its optical camouflage: the CBY-001 1 Gundam. 1 Gundam’s rifle shot through Gundam Artemie. Beside declared, "Your existence is superfluous to the Plan. It's my responsibility to erase those as such. You can say that the Plan necessitate such "Pain". Let yourself be destroyed by it." Without losing hope, 874 raised to use Artemie's rifle.

File No.25: Friend

The scene starts with Chall working diligently on the support group that she had proposed to Veda. She already knew about what had happened to Grave, and was deeply saddened by it as she remembered Ruido and Marlene's death. However, she forced herself to continue working for his sake. Just then, she received a data from Veda about the alternate Meister Grave was recommending. Even in death, Grave continued to help her. She couldn't help but weep about this. Even Ruido and Marlene continued to give her strength even now. She then wiped her tears and re-focused on viewing the man's information. She decided to make Fon Spaak a comrade and continue moving forward.

Elsewhere, in the void of space, the battle between Beside Pain in 1 Gundam along with his support units and Meister 874 in Gundam Artemie continued. In the battle, Artemie was accumulating damage bit by bit. Her defeat was 100% imminent, but 874 continued to fight. Beside decided to finally hit Artemie's cockpit to finish 874. Just then, Gundam Rasiel with its GN Shield protected the Artemie. 874 was relieved to see the Gundam, as she slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

Moments before, just after 874 launched with Artemie, Moreno was attending to Grave at the place of the incident. Hixar was not there as he had been moved to his room earlier. Grave's heart has already stopped, but Moreno continued on trying to revive him. As Grave was not human, Moreno has virtually no experience dealing with this kind of operation, but every time his heart tells him to give up, he always retorted, "Go eat shit!" He then told Grave, "Grave, you expect to die, right? How do you think Hixar will face himself? 874 is still out there facing the enemy for your sake! Come Back!" Just then Grave's life gradually began to return. Grave tried to talk, but Moreno stopped him as blood started to flow out his mouth. Moreno prepared to operate on him to remove the bullets, but Grave stopped him as the bullets were laced with cell-destroying nanomachines and their effect were already taking place. As a request to Moreno, Grave wanted to inform Ian that he would sortie. After 5 minutes of putting on his suit, Grave went to Ian and the Sefer Rasiel Form 2. Ian has fitted the Sefer into Rasiel to act as its Large GN Condensers in replacement of the GN Drive. The Gundam could only operate in estimated 20 minutes, and would be further lessened with the use of beam weapons. Grave reassured that he could pull this off and thanked both them as he said, “Doctor, Ian. I’m grateful to both of you. I will die after a few minutes. But before that happened, you gave me a chance to complete my final duty. Compared to my entire life up until now, these fleeting minutes are most precious.” Grave then sortie on to the space.

Seeing Rasiel, Beside was thrown into chaos. Grave advocated that he stop what he was doing, but Beside refused to comply. Before Beside, Grave discarded Sefer Rasiel's bits and weapons, and lowered the machine onto an asteroid. Aside from limiting his Gundam's particle consumption, Grave was trying to provoke Beside. Beside completely lost his composure. The fundamental characteristic of Beside’s personality was that he loathed that his plans going awry. Because of this, he failed to realize Sefer Rasiel's limited particle reserve and use it to his advantage. Taken in by Rasiel’s provocation, Beside drew near. In order to conserve particles, Grave waited until the last moment to draw his beam saber. In the instant the two Gundams came into contact, Beside activate his special ability. The ability, "Install", forces Beside’s limited personal data into any Innovade linked with Veda. However, Grave continued to fight, which was against Beside's will, and managed to cut through the 1 Gundam. Beside has committed a fatal error; Grave's connection to Veda was cut off from Veda since his elimination and remained so because he would die again shortly. To escape, Beside quickly transferred all of his personal data to one of the Innovades, with the same base pattern as his, in the support units. "Save." However, the cockpit was destroyed mid-transfer, and the data that made Beside an individual was mostly lost.


Grave's last message to Hixar

20 minutes had elapsed since Gundam Rasiel sortied and Grave has less than 5 minutes of particles left. In the end, Grave sent a voice-only transmission to Hixar. Grave's helmet had been dyed red because of the blood he spit out, and he couldn't let Hixar see him dying again. Hixar was lying on the bed in his room, his eyes were not focused on anything. Grave spoke, intentionally not naming himself. He reported the progress of the battle in a business-like manner. However, at the end, he let his emotion slip into the last words. “So… Stand up and live”. Hixar was still in a state of shock and couldn't understand most of the message, but the last words caught his attention. These words helped him revive and rekindled his determination to work for the Plan. Rasiel, having exhausted all of its particles, and Grave, having finished all his duties, quietly began a journey into the abyss.

A record of a civil war from Veda showed that Grave was confirmed dead and that all of his actions shall be overlooked. Upon being equipped with an anti-treachery explosive, Hixar became a private Veda agent. As for Meister 874, under the saboteur to Aeolia’s plan, she caused the conflict of her own accord, but no evidence was found. Taking responsibility for the civil war, she was sealed into a restricted-function terminal and assigned to Fereshte. Beside Pain was proposed as a traitor by Meister 874, but because his data was lost, he wasn't given any punishment. His sub-body had a new personality written to it and became an observation Innovade.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00P Special Edition

File No.S01 Gundam Astraea Type F

The special edition of Gundam 00P takes place sometime after Gundam 00I Chapter 11 (the exact time point is not known). Fon Spaak piloting Gundam Astraea Type F went to Lagrange Point L2 saying that there's "something" there. He come across Bring Stability in the GNZ-005 Garazzo and Hiling Care in the GNZ-003 Gadessa. Fon Spaak defeats them both using his cunning tactics, and confirmed the existence of a large spaceship that is being concealed by its optical camouflage. After the events of Gundam 00F, Fon and Hanayo recovered and restarted the Veda terminal that Ribbons left behind on the moon. Although the data originally inside the terminal has been completely deleted, it still receives new data uploaded by Veda. Thus, Fon and Hanayo are aware of all current developments and discovered that Ribbons is hiding something in the L2 region. Hanayo has cut off her data link with Veda after the super computer was seized by Ribbons, this prevent the Innovators (Group) from finding and attacking them. Although Fon discovered the spaceship, he decides to leave it alone for the time being and left.

File No.S02 1.5 Gundam

This chapter take place between Gundam 00I Chapter 11 and 12, and details the fight between the GN-XXX Gundam Rasiel piloted by Hixar and the CB-001.5 1.5 Gundam piloted by Beside pain. Hixar wants to use this fight to avenge Grave Violento's death, and denied the support of Hayana piloting the GNR-000 GN Sefer as this is his personal feud. Since the Gundam Rasiel is powered by a large GN Condenser, Hixar engages in close combat to conserve the limited GN particle reserve. The 1.5 Gundam fires its Alvaaron Cannon at the incoming Gundam Rasiel and dealt some damage to its right side. Beside Pain then reveals to Hixar that the use of Alvaaron cannon has severely depleted the 1.5 Gundam's stored GN particles; this also indirectly conveys to Hixar that Beside Pain is using this battle to test his new Gundam's ability. Beside Pain proceeds to agitate Hixar and they fight it out in close combat. Using his superior Gundam, Beside Pain defeats the Gundam Rasiel and pulled the unconscious Hixar out. After waking him up, Beside Pain takes out a gun and attempts to force Hixar to commit suicide by using his special ability that temporary takes control of other Innovades. Hixar recognized the gun as the one that mortally wounded Grave; as he is about to succumb to Beside Pain's special ability, he remembers Grave's last word to him, 'live on'. Hixar starts to cry and found the strength to resist Beside Pain's control, he turns the gun on Beside Pain but his shot missed. A shocked Beside Pain decides to end the game and kill Hixar, but the 1.5 Gundam's alarm sounded. Aware that his Gundam is unable to fight another enemy unit, Beside Pain left. Hayana and her GN Sefer soon arrives.

File No.S03 Red Avalanche

Hanayo detected an odd energy reading from an empty base on the moon. Hanayo advices Fon that this is likely a trap for him, but Fon says, "I will go to confirm if it's a trap" and sorties in the GNY-001F/HS-A01D Gundam Avalanche Astraea Type F'. Two GNMA-Y0001 Empruss appears and engages Fon. After a tough battle where Avalanche Astraea Type F' receives some damage from the two Empruss, Fon shakes them off, and entered into the moon base that is too small for the two MA to enter. In the base, the sensors of Avalanche Astraea Type F' detected a huge energy reaction. Fon immediately turns the MS around and proceeds to leave the base at full speed as it explodes from within. Hanayo concluded that they will be caught in the explosion, but Fon is confident that they will barely make it out. Hanayo redo her calculations again but her conclusion did not change. Fon then replies that the machine has no problem withstanding a few seconds of being caught in the explosion. Surprisingly, this seem to be his plan from the beginning. As the Avalanche Astraea Type F' flies out amid the explosion, the two Empruss waiting outside were caught completely off guard and could not react in time, A few hours later, the Avalanche Astrea F' safely returned. Hanayo asks Fon, "Why did you go even if you knew it was a trap?". Fon replies, "Because it was a trap set for me. In short, it was something made so that I won't get bored. I couldn't not answer the invitation." Hanayo could not understand why Fon was laughing, but she pitied the enemies who tried to trap him.

File No.S04 Sword Weapon

This chapter occurs sometime after Feldt Grace's birth. Ruido Resonance piloting the GNY-001 Gundam Astraea and Chall Acustica piloting GNY-004 Gundam Plutone engaged in mock battles to test out the GN Sword (test version), Proto GN Long Blade and Proto GN Short Blade. The three weapons are being developed for the GN-001 Gundam Exia's use. Before the test, Ruido look through the data of Proto GN Long and Short Blade and immediately notes that they are developed to penetrate GN Field, and hence they are developed for use against traitors. During the test of GN Sword (test version), Ruido also fitted the Astraea with the Proto GN Sword as he thinks the MS looks cool with both swords. In the Proto GN Long and Short Blade test, the Proto GN Long Blade successfully slice off parts of the Plutone's GN Shield. In the end, the GN Sword (test version) was found to meet expectations, while the performance of the Proto GN Long and Short Blade were still lacking.

File No.S05 Type Dark

While looking through the Veda's data, Ribbons Almark notices Beside Pain's proposal to the super computer on the mass production of 1.5 Gundam as the CB-001.5D2 1.5 Gundam Type Dark. He found the machine to be a good design, and imagined his six Innovators comrades using them to command the Gaga Forces while he pilots the CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam/Reborns Cannon. Although some of his comrades have already died, this did not matter to Ribbons as it is just an imagination. At this point in time, Ribbons had come up with a plan to upgrade his Reborns Gundam with the twin drive system using the data that Anew had brought back. He comtemplates setting aside some space in the Celestial Being's factory, which is currently busy with the production of Gaga, for the production of the 1.5 Gundam Type Dark.

Mobile Units


Dengeki Mook

# Title Japanese Release Date English Release Date
01 Mobile Suit Gundam 00P Vol. 1
(機動戦士ガンダム00P [Vol.1])
March 26, 2008
ISBN 978-4048670838
02 Mobile Suit Gundam 00P Vol. 2
(機動戦士ガンダム00P [Vol.2])
October 25, 2008
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  • FILE NO.10 Chall Acustica
03 Mobile Suit Gundam 00P Vol. 3
(機動戦士ガンダム00P [Vol.3])
May 25, 2009
ISBN 978-4048678681
  • FILE NO.16 AEU Assault
04 Mobile Suit Gundam 00P Vol. 4
(機動戦士ガンダム00P [Vol.4])
November 25, 2009
ISBN 978-4048682398
  • INTERMISSION 01: Chained Relationship (連鎖する関係)
  • INTERMISSION 02: Creeping Conspiracy (忍びよる陰謀)
  • INTERMISSION 03: Chosen People (選ばれた人々)
  • INTERMISSION 04: 874 and 887 (874と887)
  • FILE NO.23 GUNDAM 874
  • INTERMISSION 05: Understanding without Reason (理解なき理由)
  • FILE NO.24 Base Sequence 0026
  • INTERMISSION 06: Mechanic (メカニック)
  • 00P SPECIAL Prologue "00F" Hixer & 887 by Koichi Tokita


# Title Japanese Release Date English Release Date
01 Mobile Suit Gundam 00P Part 1
(機動戦士ガンダム00P (上))
March 31, 2010
ISBN 978-4048684989
  • FILE NO.10 Chall Acustica
02 Mobile Suit Gundam 00P Part 2
(機動戦士ガンダム00P (下))
March 31, 2010
ISBN 978-4048684972
  • FILE No.16 AEU Assault
  • FILE No.23 GUNDAM 874
  • FILE No.24 Base Sequence 0026

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