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Mobile Suit Gundam AGE ~Climax Hero~ (機動戦士ガンダムAGE 〜クライマックスヒーロー〜) was a manga written by Ryou Takamisaki, published by Shōgakukan and serialized in the CoroCoro Comic.


After deploying several sleeper agents around the globe, the Vagans launch a surprise attack that finally brings the war to the Earth. To counter the invasion, Flit activates the recently completed Gundam AGE-3 and entrusts it to Kio. Just like his father and grandfather before him, Kio enlists into the Diva as part of its mobile suit squad to confront the Vagans.


  • Episode 1: Kio-Asuno, The boy changing the world!!
  • Episode 2: My Gundam AGE-3 that was robbed!!
  • Episode 3: Ultimate evolution! Gundam AGE-FX Sorties!!
  • Episode 4: FX activates Burst mode!!
  • Last Episode: To a New Hope...


Earth Federation Forces




Earth Federation Forces





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