Mobile Suit Gundam Aggressor is a manga illustrated by Daichi Banjō, and will officially premiere in Shōnen Sunday Super on October 25th, 2014.


The story follows the Aggressor unit, a "traitor" Federation unit of soldiers who defected from the Zeon side.


Volume 1

  • MISSION 01:
  • MISSION 02:
  • MISSION 03:
  • MISSION 04:

Volume 2

  • MISSION 05:
  • MISSION 06:
  • MISSION 07:
  • MISSION 08:

Volume 3

  • MISSION 09:
  • MISSION 10:
  • MISSION 11:
  • MISSION 12:

Volume 4

  • MISSION 13:

Volume 5

Volume 6


Principality of Zeon/Zeon remnants/ Aggressor Squadron

List of Mechanics

Principality of Zeon/Zeon remnants

Mobile Weapons

Support Unit

Earth Federation Forces

Mobile Weapons

Support Unit



External Links

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