Mobile Suit Gundam Area Wars (ガンダムエリアウォーズ Gandamu Eria Wozu) is an online game revolving around the Gundam franchise.


  • Players complete missions and battles to expand their own forces.[1]
    • There are more than 5000 missions to complete, with some only appearing at certain times-of-day or during certain real-world weather conditions.[2]
    • Mobile suits and mechanical parts can be unlocked by completing missions.[2]
  • Augmented-reality technology is used to display Mobile Suits to their full detail from the player's surrounding environment.[1] The functionality is only available on iPhone 4.
    • Certain mobile suits can be displayed by printing AR markers and placing them in the player's surroundings.[1]
  • Mobile suits can be enhanced and modified with mechanical parts earned during missions.[2]


Players can use the iOS's Global Positioning System to setup missions and battles with other players worldwide.[1]

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