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Mobile Suit Gundam Saigon 0081 (機動戦士ガンダム サイゴン0081) is a manga written and illustrated by Shingo Takeba, and published by magazine Cyber Comix.


In January U.C. 0080, the Earth Federation government announces an Zeon mop up operation, around the entire globe. In U.C. 0081, Anaheim Electronics delivers a new mobile suit prototype, the AX-C10 (C-10) Gundam-R type, to the Earth Federation Forces. But Cannan, an insane drug-addicted soldier, with nightmares from the African Front during the One Year War, hijacks this new Mobile Suit and terrorizes now South East Asia around the city of Saigon. Captain John Cross Ford, the legendary ace pilot named "The Devil of the African Front" and his special force team must intercept Cannan, at whatever the cost, to prevent more civilian casualties.


  • Phase:1 HF-R
  • Phase:2 TINA
  • Phase:3 INTEGRALLE
  • Phase:4 REACT
  • Phase:5 DINKENS


  • Joy Crossford
  • Brigadier General Dinkensu yuan
  • Canaan
  • Sakurai
  • Yakov
  • Hasemi
  • Sharon
  • Tina


Earth Federation Forces

  • AX-C10 (C-10) Gundam-type R (HF-batch red R /)
  • NR-32 Integrale
  • Gm Ground war equipment type
  • Generic MS R-30S manufactured by Anaheim


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