Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Never Ending Tomorrow (機動戦士ガンダムSEED 終わらない明日へ?) is a 2005 game from Bandai.


The gameplay is largely based on Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space with significant alterations made to fit the game's universe. Unlike EIS, N.E.T. has missions for atmospheric/Earth-based environments as well as one made especially for aquatic. As a result, most mobile suits are bound by gravity though flight is still possible. Phase Shift armor is introduced which functions similarly to the anime (nullifying solid-based weaponry with a slight resistance to beam weaponry) and is represented via a purple bar underneath the HP gauge.

Instead of a main weapon and sub-weapon, the player is restricted to using the unit's main weapon though some machines can use other weaponry via Multi-Lock. Melee is also handled different with the introduction of "Attack Mode". Whenever a mobile suit gets close enough to an opposing machine, the two are locked in a time based fight where both combatants can either attack with melee weapons or alternate with Shot attacks that makes use of the unit's other weapons. Special Attacks are executable with the simple press of the O button though this depletes the PS gauge much faster than an enemy attack.

Story Mode is divided into two versions following the series' protagonists Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala which follows their run through the anime with some key differences to stay true to the show. Cutscenes are told via snippets from the anime's original TV broadcast though with some content omitted. Kira's story is much longer and slightly more difficult but he is able to select any of the Striker packs for his Gundam up until the 10th where he pilots the Freedom and has more partners to choose. Athrun's is much shorter but easier due to numerical advantages with the other Gundams assisting him but can only use the Aegis and has only the Le Crueset team and Rau himself as his partners until he switches to the Justice wherein he he has Cagalli as his Assist. When either story is finished, the player can then revisit the levels and play them using unlocked mobile suits and characters.

Mission Mode no longer follows a customizable character through eight missions but instead uses already established characters in either the anime such as Cagalli and Yzak or Lowe and Gai from manga spinoffs (including Astray and MSV) for one short mission, each piloting a unique mobile suit. Selecting this mode is often proceeded by an opening animation (the OP song used being Zips by TM Revolution but was replaced by an in-game soundtrack in the English version).

Characters and MS units can be unlocked in the Shop by using Seed Points earned from completing missions. How many are accumulated is based on rank and the relationship between pilot and partner. Characters are unlocked by buying items relevant to them such as Flay's makeup or Rau's mask. Many characters double as both playable and partner-assigned whom can support the player by either replenishing help or directly assist them by opening fire on enemy units. As they level up, their assists can be used multiple times or unlock stronger effects.

Versus Mode is only restricted to human players, less stages to play and no squad to assign though gameplay largely remains the same.



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Mobile Weapons

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