Mobile Suit Gundam Side Story: Hidden Shadow G (Kidou Senshi Gundam Gaiden: G no Kagenin, 機動戦士ガンダム外伝 Gの影忍, G no Kage-Ni) Published by Bandai Co., Ltd. MS Saga in 2005 and then a full version by the publisher MediaWorks and for this new version the cover was designed by Takayuki Yanase and Takayuki Yanase the mecha illustration.


The story goes Universal Century between the years 0079 ~ 0093, and tells the story of a ninja Ryouga that belongs to YI and federal mission is to investigate the organization Movil ninja, ninja made ​​up to custom mobile suits responsible for several murders and the theft of what belongs to G Gundam ZEON.


  • Ryouga
Ninja hero. Gundam dark hunt, and took the nickname of Shinobi Shadow G. A native of Kakurezato colony, which depicted the screen belongs to the federal act mainly. Because it's basically a mercenary, take on either side. You can only succeed in defeating the main enemy in the battle of life and the universe unidentified body, and whereabouts unknown.
  • Zhai Nebula (re Jingyun)
Ryouga teacher. Ryouga wrote a secret letter committing to death a gimmick at first episode Abaoaku. Ryouga gave to the authenticity.
  • Waki, Sajiri, Suzaku
In the first episode ninja Zaku hunt, secret letter aimed at the three ninjas. Manipulate the sky, land attack people on earth. Suzaku's brother and the real side.
  • Hyuuga
The sleight of hand even though the ninja clan teeth. Succeed in stealing from the federal Gundam, Ninja and other conflicts over treatment, and died in the Dosakusa. Shinobu and the shadow of G after leaving his body.
  • Kayo
Ryouga ex-girlfriend
  • Kugutsu
  • Tarouza
Ryouga senior Ninja taught child. 怨鬼 Hall (if basic) was committed to making its length as long as the diabolical treachery groups called bandits. Titans advance party of the truth.
  • Drunk old man
Ryouga guarding the old man transported to the colony Kakurezato. Can be singled out to take seriously the saber. Char Aznable invitation.

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