Mobile Suit O Gundam: Newtype's Light (機動戦士Oガンダム 光のニュータイプ) is a hoax story by Out Magazine March 1986, detailing a sequel to Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. It's satire to both Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ and previous series.



  • Taro Asati
  • Fana Ko Asati
  • Solar Ray
  • Char the Third
  • Artesia (Sayla)
  • Khan Junior



Mobile Weapons

  • MSU-010 Z Gundam Mark II
  • MSF-000 O Gundam ("Outer Gundam")

Vehicles and Support Units

  • Argama II


Mobile Weapons

  • MOX-012 Psycho Gundam Mark IV
  • PCX-005 Grand Zack

Super Zeon

Mobile Weapons

  • NNT-001 Gaza-X

Vehicles and Support Units

  • Gaw-Lan Fortress


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