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Mobile Suit Vs. Giant God of Legend: Gigantis' Counterattack (機動戦士VS伝説巨神 逆襲のギガンティス,Kidou Senshi Vs. Densetsu Kyojin: Gyakushu no Gigantis) is a manga written and illustrated by Hasegawa Yuichi published by Bandai Visual and serialized by MS Saga in 1992.


In U.C. 0090, remnants of Haman Karn's Neo Zeon discover and excavate a mysterious giant Mobile Suit. Their plan is to use the once-thought missing Mineva Lao Zabi and use her emerging Newtype powers to control the massive suit, known as Gigantis. Learning of this, Amuro Ray intercepts and recruits young pilot Judau Ashta in an attempt to stop the remnants from causing destruction using Gigantis. Using the powerful Mega Zeta, they confront the army, but Mineva's panic and fear causes Gigantis to go berserk. With missing ace Char Aznable suddenly returning to aid them, Amuro is able to get Judau inside to rescue Mineva. Inside, Judau learns the truth - Gigantis is actually a powerful machine known as "Ideon", that the universe that exists now was born out of the last universe Ideon destroyed and Judau was the reincarnation of the previous pilot. Sadly, with Ideon's awakening, it seeks to destroy this universe as well and start anew. The three pilots refuse to let such a thing happen and as Judau rescues Mineva, Char and Amuro are able to overpower and destroy Ideon.


  • PART 1: Contact Piece
  • PART 2: Awakening
  • PART 3: Ringing
  • PART 4: Final Chapter


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