Mobile Suit War Chronicles Side Story - Born to be Wild Again: Reborn Warrior is a photo-novel written by Masaya Takahashi and published Model Graphix in 1987.


U.C. 0088. Eight years since the end of the One Year War have passed and a man named Baker is working as a truckdriver. But what he doesn´t know he suffers amnesia,in other words: he is a Zeon soldier named Bulk, a veteran of the Battle of Odessa.


  • Henri Duboul
  • Bulk
  • Ross Kowalsky
  • Adip
  • Ban Yam
  • Yanott Starnou
  • Gogyan Ashiya



Mobile Weapons

  • Desert Zaku
  • Dwadge
  • Hizack
  • GM II
  • Gouf
  • Zaku Cannon
  • Zaku Tank


Mobile Weapons

  • MS-06 Zaku II
  • RMS-179 GM II

Vehicles and Support Units

  • Base Jabber



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