Model of the Heart is the seventeenth episode of Gundam Build Fighters .


As the World Tournament finals begin, Sei and Reiji find that their opponent in the first round is Mao Yasaka. When they met in Tokyo, they swore to fight in the World Tournament, and now that promise will finally be fulfilled. But Mao senses a threat from the Star Build Strike, which was more than an even match for Fellini. With Sei's rapidly advancing building skills, and Reiji's control technique, he is likely to lose. Desperate to win, Mao goes to visit Master Chinan of the Gunpla Shingyo school of modeling arts and ask to be taught new secrets. On the day of the battle, a worn-out Mao appears before Sei and Reiji. Now begins a life-or-death battle between the Star Build Strike and the Gundam X Maoh...




Appearance Character
1 Mao Yasaka
2 Chin'an Shishō
3 China Kousaka
4 Ricardo Fellini
5 Nils Nielsen
6 Aila Jyrkiäinen
7 Tatsuya Yuki
8 Mr. Ral
9 Rinko Iori
10 Sei Iori
11 Reiji
12 Murrue Ramius
13 Misaki
14 Allan Adams
15 Luang Dallara
16 Mario Renato
17 Julio Renato

Mobile Weapons




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