Moment (Single) is the second opening of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.This song was sung by Vivian or Kazuma.

Track List

  1. Moment
  2. Darling Honey
  3. Hoshi ni Negai wo (星に願いを The Wish Upon the Stars)


dare mo mina samayoi nagara kotae wo sagashite
futari naraba jikan sae mo shihai dekiru to omotteta ano koro
tsuki hi wa nagare sora no ima mo kawaru you ni surechigatteta kokoro

megurikuru kisetsu no naka de
ano toki ga tomareba
ii no ni
futari mata samayoi nagara
kono sora wo kanata ni
ai wo sagashite

ima no kimi ni utsuru sora wa donna iro nara kikikaesenai nara
taisetsu na koto wasurete shimatte iku you de sukoshi tomadou kokoro

mekurumeku ginga no naka de
sono kokoro takuri
futari tada hoshi wo miagete
ano toki no sora no
iro wo kasaneteru

taisetsu na koto wasurete shimawanai de itai
kegare wo shiranu kokoro

megurikuru kisetsu no naka de
kono hoshi ga kiesaru
toki ni wa
kokoro goto zero ni modoshite
shounen no hitomi de
futari mata ano yume no hate
arukidasu tsunaida
te wo hanasazu ni

誰も皆さまよいながら 答えを探して

二人ならば時間さえも支配できると 思ってたあの頃
月日は流れ 宇宙そらの色も変わるように すれ違ってた心


今の君に映る宇宙そらはどんな色なの? 聞き返せないまま
大切なこと忘れてしまっていくようで 少し戸惑う心


大切なこと忘れてしまわないでいて 汚れを知らぬ心

歩き出す つないだ手を離さずに

Everyone, while wandering, is looking for an answer
If we were together, even time could be under our control
Or so I thought back then
Instead time flows on, even the colors of the sky have changed,
And our hearts passed right on by each other

In the never-ending course of the seasons,
Wouldn't it be nice if we could freeze time at that one moment?
The two of us, while still wandering,
Are searching for love in the far corners of the darkness

What color is the sky right now where you are?
As it is I can't ask again
As I continue to forget the important things in life,
my heart becomes a little confused

Within our dazzling galaxy,
your heart is drawing in and approaching me
The two of us are just looking up at the stars,
and in this moment, the colors of the sky are all blending together

Don't let yourself forget the important things in life
A heart that knows no impurity

In the never-ending course of the seasons,
an hour will come when this planet will vanish into nothing
and all the things in my heart will be restored to zero
as I stare on with only the eyes of a boy
But for now we're together again, and toward the end of that dream
we start walking, hand in hand, never letting go


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