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Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Butler's cockpit was located in its head, and it was controlled with a steering wheel like a standard automobile. The Butler could be equipped with a fencing saber, which Raymond used in practice matches to train his master, George de Sand.


The NEL-75C Butler Bensouman is one of the few mobile suits in the Future Century that is not a Gundam Fighter, piloted by Raymond Bishop, butler to Neo France's de Sand family. The Butler was damaged from a missile attack by Jean-Pierre Mirabeau's Mirage Gundam in the Guyana Highlands, but it was eventually repaired.


  • In Super Robot Wars J, Butler Bensouman is the name of George De Sand's initial ultimate attack. In it he summons Raymond in the Butler Bensouman, who clumsily performs an attack together with him, but while George ellegantly thrusts Raymond largely flails his mech's arms in wide arcs while flanking the opponent in order to more thoroughly damage them.

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