The NK-13 Cathedral Gundam is a Gunpla that appears in Gundam Build Fighters Amazing and Gundam Build Fighters Document. It is built by Meijin Kawaguchi the Second and piloted by Shouki Someya. A replica also appears as part of Hobby Hobby Imaging Builders, this version being the NK-13J Denial Gundam reverse modified by Mr. Ral.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

As the last Gunpla built by Meijin Kawaguchi the 2nd, its performance in Gunpla Battle is very high and can be used for a wide range of combat style. It's possible to control Cathedral Gundam's movement to fine detail, allowing a skillful fighter to fully utilize his skills. And in turn, only a skillful fighter can use Cathedral Gundam to its maximum potential. Both of its main weapons can adjust their power output, with the shield and backpack also functioning as storage tanks for reserve particles. The backpack, shield, and rifle can be combined into Cathedral Booster and operate as an remote unit, or be used as a powerful Crescent Moon Bow.


  • Beam Buster Rifle
  • Beam Long Dagger
  • Shield

Special Attacks

  • Crescent Moon Bow

Special Equipment & Features

  • Cathedral Booster


Picture Gallery

Notes & Trivia

  • The "NK" in NK-13 is an out-universe reference to its designer, NAOKI. The designation of some of the other MS lines in the series also make reference to their respective real world designers.
    • Its model number, 13, is considered an unlucky number in certain western beliefs. It may also refers to its builder/pilot, Meijin Kawaguchi II being the most notorious fighter in the Gunpla Battle.
  • The Trans-Am/Dark Matter booster's wings share some similarity in shape with Cathedral Booster's wings.

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