The NK-17 Gjallarhorn Mobile Worker is a mobile weapon featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A mobile worker that Gjallarhorn uses for military operations. It is larger than most mobile workers and also has higher output, allowing it to use larger caliber weapons.[1] Pilot enters the machine through an underside hatch. The mobile worker is armed with a heavy caliber machine gun at the top, a pair of smoke grenade launchers flanking the machine gun at both sides, and an anti-personnel chain gun at the bottom. By arming the machine with a pair of missile pods at the sides instead of the machine gun at the top, it can be used for rear support.[2] While less versatile and powerful than Gjallarhorn's mobile suits, they are cheaper and more numerous. Another advantage is that the machine runs on a Hydrogen Engine and thus can be legally operated within city limits, unlike the mobile suits that are restricted from entering any city as their Ahab reactors would ruin the city functions.


  • Heavy Caliber Machine Gun
Mounted on the turret, it was primarily used against enemy units. Used only by the standard type.
  • Anti-Personnel Chain Gun
Mounted underneath the body of the mobile worker, it was primarily used to incapacitate people such as dissidents or enemy soldiers.
  • Missile Pod
Used only by the rear support equipment version, the four 8-tube missile pods replaced the machine gun of the standard type as the mobile worker's main weapon. The missile pods are attached to the machine's sides, replacing the shield-shaped attachments.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Smoke Grenade Launcher
A pair of smoke grenade launchers are located on each of the shield-shaped protrusions on the sides of the mobile worker. Available only on the standard type.




  • Whereas the Mobile Workers of Gjallarhorn's Martian Division are colored red, the ones encountered in the Dort Colonies and on Earth are colored teal and dark blue respectively.


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