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The NRMA-006 Gadeel is a Mobile Armor which appears in the series After War Gundam X.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Despite being armed only with a beam rifle which could also be used as a beam saber, in combination with its great speed and maneuverability, the Gadeel was a terrifying air combatant, able to even defeat the air-specialized GW-9800 Gundam Airmaster in combat.


  • Beam Rifle/Beam Saber


The Gadeel mobile armor was created in the year After War by the New United Nations Earth as a high-speed air fighter. They first appeared during a joint Freeden/People's Republic of Estard mission to destroy an air base of the New UNE. During this battle the Gundam Airmaster fought against two Gadeel units which proved to be a powerful opponent for Witz Sou's Gundam. They not only were able to escape most of his attacks but also inflicted heavy damage on the Gundam. In the end however the two Gadeel units were destroyed by the Airmaster. Following this battle the damaged Gundam was upgraded by Freeden mechanic Kid Salsamille and mechanics of Estard into the GW-9800-B Gundam Airmaster Burst.

Using his new suit, Witz fights again against a larger number of Gadeels in the battle around the United Kingdom of Northernbell capital Berude. This time he is able to easily outperform the mobile armors and destroy them quickly.

Despite the abilities of the Gadeel, its production was finally halted after 30 built units, since the New UNE concluded that they had no real opponent in air battle. Instead they focused on new mobile suits that could not only fight in the air but also in space. One such unit was the NRX-009 Balient.



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