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The NRX-0015-HC Gundam Ashtaron Hermit Crab is a transformable Mobile Suit which appears in the second half of the series After War Gundam X.

Technological and Combat Characteristics

An improved version of the original NRX-0015 Gundam Ashtaron, the NRX-0015-HC Gundam Astharon Hermit Crab featured an improved set of weapons and abilities. The most outstanding change over the original suit was the enlarged backpack, which nearly enveloped the whole body of the MS when in Mobile Armor mode. While most of the weapons stayed the same, the Ashtaron HC featured an improved set of the original scissors claw, which was far larger than its predecessor's. Also an additional beam saber was added to the armament. Besides these two changes the normal set of weapons stayed the same.

The most powerful addition to the armament of the Astharon Hermit Crab was an optional Satellite Cannon. Deployed when in MA mode, the Cannon was mounted atop the Ashtaron HC and operated by Olba Frost's older brother's NRX-0013-CB Gundam Virsago Chest Break, thus forming the so-called Satellite Launcher. When in this form, the Ashtaron HC worked as a turret while the Virsago Chest Break collected the energy from the lunar station. The firepower of the Satellite Launcher was comparable to the Twin Satellite Cannon mounted on the GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X.


  • Gigantic Scissor Claw
  • Scissor Beam Cannon
  • Beam Saber
  • Nose Beam Cannon
  • Machine Cannon
  • Beam Crossbow
  • Satellite Cannon

Special Equipment & Features

  • Extended-Range Flight Booster


Following the theft of the newly built Gundam Double X at Zonder Epta, as well as the impending start of a new war between the New United Nations Earth and the Space Revolutionary Army, the Gundams of the Frost brothers were outdated an thus upgraded into newer and more powerful versions. The Gundam Ashtaron Hermit Crab had its combat debut in space, when the Frost brothers as well as a large space force of the New UNE attacked Garrod Ran, Tiffa Adill and Pala Sys to capture them. During the battle, Olba was able to capture the GS-9900 G-Falcon and threatened to kill its pilot Pala, forcing Garrod to surrender.

The three prisoners however soon escape but are chased by the Frost brothers in their Gundams, together with a squadron of NRX-018-2 Daughtress Neo. During the battle Garrod is nearly defeated, but luckily his friends from the Freeden help him and chase away the Frosts. Some times later the two brothers use their Gundams to kill a bunch of senior officers of the New UNE, who are pushing for peace with the colonies, thus making way for the war the brothers want.

Soon the 8th Space War breaks out, during which the Frost brothers in their Gundams fight against the SRA forces in space, with both sides planning to capture the lunar base on the moon. During the battle, the brothers fight against SRA ace pilot Lancerow Dawell in his RMS-019R Crouda Lancerow Custom and nearly kill him, when suddenly the Vulture group of Jamil Neate arrives to intervene in the battle. This again leads to a lengthened battle between the Gundams of the Frost brothers and Garrod's Gundam Double X, during which the brothers reveal their plans to Garrod. During the battle Olba is several time able to grapple the Double X with his Ashtaron HC but Garrod escapes every time.

While they fight, Tiffa is able to contact D.O.M.E. on the moon, who guides the leaders of all forces to him, using his FX-9900-D G-Bit D.O.M.E. units. The Frost brothers however are successfully able to fend of the Bit Mobile Suits and while the leaders of all parties are tacking to D.O.M.E., the brothers are able to take over control of the Satellite System. The Frost's Gundams thus form the Satellite Launcher and when the ships of the leaders of the New UNE and SRA appear from the lunar base, the brothers destroy them. Before they are able to fire the Satellite Cannon on the two fighting armies, Garrod attacks the Frost's. After a short battle, the UNE Gundams again are able to form the Satellite Launcher and receive the microwave beam from the lunar base. Garrod however takes control of the beam and charges his own satellite cannon. Both parties fire at each other with their respective cannons, causing a large explosion that not only destroys the lunar base but also all three Gundams.


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