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The NRX-011 Britova is a Mobile Suit which appears in the series After War Gundam X.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Designed to correct the mistakes made on the massive NRX-010 Gable mobile suit, the NRX-011 Britova was a balanced suit between speed and agility and heavy armor and large firepower. Although it is unknown how many Britova units were produced or what weapons they originally carried, only one known unit was used. This Britova model was modified by its pilot, Duett Langraph, who removed all weapons except the two shoulder-mounted micro-missile launcher pods and instead installed a rocket-guided, heated mono-filament wire cutter in the right forearm. This wire was able to cut a mobile suit into pieces easily and thus was a dangerous weapon for close combat.


  • Heat Wire
Installed on the right forearm was a mono filament wire cutter, designed to cut through enemies with ease.
  • Micro-missile Launcher Pod
Equipped on each shoulder was a pair micro-missile launcher pods.


Another experimental mobile suit created by the New United Nations Earth. One Britova was assigned to UNE pilot Duett Langraph, who modified his unit (see above description) and was then put under command of the Frost brothers. He impresses them by destroying a Daughtress with ease and they order him to destroy the GX-9901-DX Gundam Double X of the Vulture ship Freeden.

Langraph later attacks both the Gundam Double X and the GW-9800-B Gundam Airmaster Burst who moved out the help some soldiers of the People's Republic of Estard in their battle against the New UNE. The battle takes place in a forest where Langraph first uses the Britova's missiles to block the path of the two Gundam and then attacks them with the heat wire. He uses it to destroy the Double X' beam rifle while at the same time cuts down many trees. The battle then continues in the air where Langraph is able to cut off the Airmaster Burst's right arm, while at the same time keeping the Gundams away from him with the missiles. Garrod then tells Witz to distract Langraph while he at the same time plans to destroy the rocket which guides the heat wire. The plan works and with Langraph shocked at the loss of his main weapon, Witz fires at the Britova's torso, causing the suit to crash on the ground and explode.


  • "Britva" resp. "бритва" is the Russian word for "razor", a reference to this suit's main weapon.

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