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The NRX-018-2 Daughtress Neo is a Mobile Suit in the series After War Gundam X.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

The only weapon mounted on the NRX-018-2 Daughtress Neo are two beam saber-like beam cutters, with one unit mounted on each forearm. These cutters double as beam rifles, giving the Daughtress Neo both close and ranged combat abilities. Besides this, the suit is also able to carry a standard beam rifle.

As a unit developed over a decade after its parent model, the DT-6800A Daughtress, it is reasonable to assume that the Daughtress Neo has a significant increase in performance to correspond with the advancement of technology.


  • Wired Beam Rifle/Beam Cutter
  • Beam Rifle


Developed by the New United Nations Earth in AW 0015, the Daughtress Neo is based on the old DT-6800A Daughtress mobile suit. Like its predecessor, the Neo is mass-produced but different from the old unit it doesn't feature any known variants.

The Daughtress Neo is fielded on Earth mostly in air battles, often working together with the Gundams of the Frost brothers to fight against the Gundams of the Vulture group of Jamil Neate.

When the 8th Space War begins between the New UNE and the Space Revolutionary Army, a huge number of Daughtress Neo units, together with many Balient units, are part of the New UNE space fleet that fights against the forces of the SRA, consisting mostly of RMS-019 Crouda suits.

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