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Neutron Stampeder

Nazca class destroyer (neutron stampeder) (gundam)





Technical Specifications

Functional Purpose
  • Induced Detonation of Nuclear Weapons
Form of Discharge Neutron Energy Wave

The Neutron Stampeder is a defense weapon system used in the Cosmic Era timeline.

Technical Informations

A Neutron Stampeder is a device mounted on a Nazca-class destroyer, and is nearly as large as the ship itself. It works by remotely controlling the movement of free neutrons to induce runaway nuclear fission reactions. When activated, the Neutron Stampeder emits a massive energy wave, which causes any nuclear weapons it comes in contact with to prematurely detonate. Unfortunately, the quantum fresnels fry themselves after firing, so the weapon can only be fired once.

The exact origins of the technology used in the Neutron Stampeder are unknown, although its quite possible that the system was derived from the Neutron Jammer Canceller technology.


After the First Alliance-PLANT War and the massive use of nuclear weapons against PLANT during the last battle, ZAFT created a new defensive weapon to protect itself against another massive nuclear attack on their homeland. The result was the experimental Neutron Stampeder, which was mounted on a Nazca-class destroyer. At least one such device was created, however due to the fact that each Stampeder can only used once it is possible that more exist.

After the "Break the World" incident in CE 73, the Second Alliance-PLANT War between PLANT and the Earth Alliance began. The EA decided to quickly defeat the PLANTs by launching a massive nuclear attack on the PLANT capital Aprilius One. A large number of the new GAT-04 Windam Mobile suits equipped with two nuclear missile launchers headed towards Aprilius One and eventually fired their missiles at them. ZAFT however had anticipated such an attack and positioned the prototype Neutron Stampeder in the firing way of the nuclear missiles. When the Stampeder was activated, a massive energy wave was fired towards the EA fleet, causing any remaining nuclear weapons on the ships and mobile suits to detonate, which resulted in the attacking fleet to be completely wiped out. Although the Neutron Stampeder was rendered useless it wasn't needed during the remainder of the war.

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