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A Newtype Research Institute, also known as a Newtype Lab, is a facility established by a military organization to research the Newtype phenomenon in the Universal Century era. Similar facilities appear in the After War time-line of the Gundam meta-series.


During the One Year War, the Principality of Zeon's Flanagan Institute conducts pioneering research into Newtype phenomena and their military applications. In U.C. 0082, the Earth Federation Forces establish their own network of Newtype research institutes to continue in the Flanagan Institute's footsteps. These Newtype Labs devise methods for turning ordinary humans into artificial cyber-Newtypes, and create powerful mobile armors for their use.

There are roughly half a dozen of these institutes on Earth, including the Murasame Lab in Japan, the Augusta and Oakland labs in North America, the Kilimanjaro Lab in Africa, and the Pyongyang Lab in Korea. The Titans maintain their own Newtype lab at the Gryps space colony and, as their influence grows, the other Newtype Labs align themselves with the Titans as well.

Principality of Zeon Newtype Institutes

Flanagan Institute

A civilian research institute, sponsored by the Principality of Zeon, which is established in June of U.C. 0079 to investigate Newtype phenomena. In addition to scientific research, the Flanagan Institute's work involves developing weapons for use by Newtypes, recruiting Newtype test subjects, and training them to use their powers in battle.

Earth Federation Newtype Institutes

EXAM Institute

While Zeon recognized the effectiveness of Newtypes in battle, they also realized that natural Newtypes were very rare. Zeon thus experimented with increasing the number of Newtype-class pilots in two ways: Development of artificial Newtypes, which did not produce results until too late in the One Year War, and Development of control systems that would allow regular pilots to operate at Newtype skill levels. Zeon researcher Professor Chlust Moses, as part of the latter program, developed the EXAM system and then defected to the Federation, bringing the EXAM technology with him. The Federation immediately began their own EXAM program, code named Blue Destiny, to take advantage of this technology.

Main Researchers


Notable Subjects

Augusta Newtype Lab

After the One Year War, the Augusta Base, where the Earth Federation Forces conducted their earliest Newtype research, becomes the first of the Federation's Newtype Labs. The Augusta Lab is located on the northern shore of the Clark Hill Reservoir in modern-day South Carolina, not far from Augusta, Georgia. During the Gryps Conflict in UC 0087, this facility produces the several Newtype-use mobile weapons such as the ORX-005 Gaplant and the cyber-Newtypes Rosamia Badam and Gates Capa. In UC 0096, the Unicorn Gundam "Banshee" unit is brought to the base for tests. Although the institute was closed down, remaining facilities were secretly funded and operated by Anaheim Electronics.

Main Researchers


Notable Subjects

Kilimanjaro Newtype Lab

A Newtype research lab located within the Titans' Kilimanjaro military base, this institute has produced no known mobile weapons. It is subsequently destroyed when the base collapses after an AEUG attack on November of U.C. 0087.

Murasame Newtype Lab

Located in Japan, this is one of a handful of Newtype research institutes established by the Earth Federation Forces after the One Year War. The Murasame Lab goes on to produce the fearsome transformable mobile armors MRX-009 Psyco Gundam and MRX-010 Psyco Gundam Mk.II, but fields only a single cyber-Newtype pilot, who is given the codename Four Murasame. Units produced at this facility have "MRX" attached to the model number.

Main Researchers


Notable Subjects

Oakland Newtype Lab

Located in North America, this is one of a handful of Newtype research institutes established by the Earth Federation Forces after the One Year War. Around the time of the AEUG's assault on Jaburo, the Oakland Lab is taken over by the Titans, who then dispatch test pilot Buran Blutarch and the transformable mobile armor NRX-044 Asshimar to intercept the escaping AEUG forces. While research and development on the Gaplant, Gundam Mk-IV and Gundam Mk-V were carried out at the Augusta lab, manufacturing and completion of the units were done at the Oakland lab, hence the inclusion of the "ORX" in the serial numbers.


Leipzig Newtype Institute

This facility only appears in the video game SD Gundam: G Generation: Monoeye Gundams for the WonderSwan console. Research on a psycommu-based system for global mind-control via Project Seirene was carried out at this Titans-controlled facility during the Gryps Conflict.

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