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Newtype War Chronicles (ニュータイプ戦史) is a manga written and illustrated by Makoto Kobayashi, published in Newtype Monthly in April 1987.


During the last days of the One Year War, on October 1 U.C. 0079 the Eastern Front in Russia is still defended by the 9th Zeon army & 4th Armored Unit of Dozle Zabi. But the 23rd division of the Earth Federation Force is ready to intercept them.


  • Pilot Land Battle Bound Main Dock (バウンドドック陸戦型メインパイロット)
  • Kowalski (コワルスキー)
  • Dozle Zabi


Principality of Zeon

Mobile Weapons

  • NRX-005G Baund Doc Land Combat Type
  • MS-87D9 Nasorn
  • MS-88C-2 Ferdinand

Earth Federation Forces

Mobile Weapons

  • RX-1750 Guncannon (Two-leg Type)
  • RX-176C Guntank (Belt Drive Type)


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