Flaga NT Flash

Mu La Flaga sensing the presence of Rau Le Creuset

In the Cosmic Era, Newtypes, similar to the ones in the Universal Century and the After War era, are implied to exist.


While the actual term is never used in Cosmic Era canon, certain characters display the traits of Newtypes, a concept borrowed from the Universal Century timeline of Gundam. In SEED, Newtypes have extremely high degrees of spatial awareness, almost a sixth sense. They are also capable of sensing other Newtypes, and when this happens, a white bolt typically flashes across the screen with an accompanying sound effect, a phenomena regarded as a "Newtype Flash". Newtypes are able to see a brief glimpse into the future, allowing them an advantage in combat, by being able to predict their opponent's move. However, this was not always precise. CE Newtypes also appear to have the ability to transmit and receive psychic messages, as Prayer Reverie and Morgan Chevalier display in Gundam SEED X Astray, but it is still unknown if this ability is unique to these two individuals, or can be used by all Newtypes.


Gundam SEED

Mu La Flaga and Rau Le Creuset were implied to be Newtypes from the very beginning, and after the series ended, director Mitsuo Fukuda explicitly identified them as having been Newtypes. Flaga used his abilities to pilot a Moebius Zero mobile armor, which has four remotely controlled wired gunbarrels he can use to set up a multivector attack. Creuset later became the pilot of the ZGMF-X13A Providence, a mobile suit equipped with the DRAGOON system, which used many beam gunbarrels to attack from many directions simultaneously. Creuset and Flaga were able to sense each other any time they were within a certain proximity of one another. After Flaga's "death", Kira Yamato also seemed to develop slight Newtype abilities, and was able to sense Creuset's presence and eventually defeat him.

Gundam SEED X Astray

Prayer Reverie displays the ability to sense incoming attacks, as shown in his first battle against Canard Pars, and also used the DRAGOON-controlled "Pristis" beam cannon/scissor anchors mounted on his YMF-X000A Dreadnought, as well as the later-installed DRAGOON pods. He was also able to sense that Chevalier was under attack and telepathically communicate with the latter, even though Reverie could not actually see Chevalier engaged in combat. With him having the most number of Newtype abilities within CE, some fans believe Reverie is the strongest CE Newtype yet. Chevalier was able to use a GAT-01A1 105 Dagger equipped with the AQM/E-X04 Gunbarrel Striker, which featured improved versions of the gunbarrels found in the Moebius Zero. Chevalier was indicated to be the only Alliance pilot capable of operating the Gunbarrel Striker. He also was able to receive a telepathic message from Reverie which probably saved his life against Pars.

Gundam SEED Destiny

Kira NT Flash

Kira Yamato was able to sense Rey Za Burrel and evade his attacks.

Rey Za Burrel had a Newtype reaction to Neo Roanoke, the two of them forming a short-lived rivalry. Rey has been shown throughout the series to have a strange connection to Creuset, and was revealed in the end to be another clone of Al Da Flaga, making him Creuset's "younger brother" in a sense. Roanoke was later revealed to be Mu La Flaga, who miraculously survived the destruction of the GAT-X105 Strike at the end of Gundam SEED. Rey becomes pilot of the ZGMF-X666S Legend, a mobile suit which greatly resembles the Providence, meanwhile Roanoke often piloted the mobile armor TS-MA4F Exus, which bore similarities to the Moebius Zero and later piloted the ORB-01 Akatsuki, which can be equipped with DRAGOON.

During a battle between ZAFT and a combined EAF-Orb fleet, Kira Yamato has a Newtype reaction to Neo Roanoke, who was commanding the Earth Alliance forces from on board the carrier John Paul Jones. Later, when the Earth Alliance was attacking Berlin, Kira was again able to sense Roanoke, who was piloting a GAT-04 Windam at the time. It is implied that Kira subconsciously knew Roanoke was in fact Mu La Flaga, and he disabled his mobile suit so the Archangel could capture him (while Kira usually disables enemy mobile suits rather than destroying them, this is the only instance where he asks the Archangel crew to retrieve a downed pilot).

Later, after "Roanoke" denies being Mu, Kira remains convinced that the two men are one and the same. Soon after that, Kira exhibits a Newtype Flash after launching in the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom for the first time and activating the suit's DRAGOON weapons. These all suggest that Kira possess sensory abilities of a Newtype. Kira and Rey were also able to sense each other during the final battle between the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom and the ZGMF-X666S Legend.

Gundam SEED Destiny Astray

Courtney Hieronimus, a civilian test pilot employed by ZAFT, is revealed to have been the original test pilot of the YMF-X000A Dreadnought, and is said to have been Rau Le Creuset's equal in controlling the DRAGOON system. Though it is implied that only a Newtype can operate the original DRAGOON system, in his on-panel appearances Courtney never displays any overtly Newtype-like abilities.

List of Possible Newtypes

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