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  • 21
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  • Female
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  • System Engineer
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Nina Purpleton (ニナ・パープルトン Nina Pāpuruton?) is a character introduced in the Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.' OVA. She is voiced by Rei Sakuma in the original version and by Dorothy Elias-Fahn in the dubbed version released in North America and in English-speaking countries.

Personality & Character

A talented enginner, Nina is extremely protective of her creations (which she expresses by constantly checking data of RX-78GP01 Gundam "Zephyranthes"). Her devotion to the Gundam Development Project is up to the level of obsession, and often leads her into conflict with her colleagues or Earth Federation Officer (most notably Kou Uraki).

Her relationship with Kou was rocky at first (Nina was annoyed by his childishness). However, they gradually became closer during the course of the story and she began to develop feeling for the young pilot. Despite this, Nina still habored something for her former lover, Anavel Gato, to the point she would betray the young pilot for him. But in the end of the show, she was shown to have finally accepted the reality of things and came back into a relationship with Kou.


Born on the Moon, Nina was only 21 years old when she was a mobile suit engineer at Anaheim Electronics. Nina was assignmed to be the head engineer of the two new Gundams that are being developed for the Federation. She came into direct conflict with Ensign Kou Uraki when he checks out the new units. However after Zeon Lieutenant Commander Anavel Gato's "Gundamjack" of Unit Two, Nina allows Kou to pilot the Unit 1 to stop him.

She also developed a romantic relationship with Kou after they are both brought aboard the Pegasus-class mobile suit carrier MSC-07 Albion in order to pursue Gato (However, in one conversation with her colleague, she said that she still cared for the Gundam more, as well as describing Kou as being "naive"). The woman was also once rescued by Kou, after former Zeon pilot Kelley Layzner in his MA-06 Val Walo captured and threatened to kill her. It was also Nina who first suspects that the Delaz Fleet is planning a colony drop, and subsequently reveals the existence of the third Gundam Development Project Gundam.

It was revealed that she once was in love with Gato before the events in Stardust Memory, until he deserted her on the moon; this explains why she is so adamantly opposed to Kou and Gato fighting each other. Towards the end of Operation Stardust Nina goes searching for Kou, and finds him trying to stop Anavel from dropping the colony onto Earth. Instead of assisting Kou, she unexpectedly aims Gato's handgun at the young pilot and shoots at him to keep him from killing Gato, enabling the Zeon officer to escape.

Despite this incident, Nina and Kou apparently reconcile by the end of the series, and she is more than happy to greet him as he returns to The Oakley Base (presumably near Oakley, Kansas) after being cleared of charges.



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