Noa, Coa & Doa
Noah Doah Coah

Voiced By

Japanese Voice Erino Hazuki
English Voice * Philece Sampler (Noa)
  • Michelle Ruff (Coa)
  • Kate Savage (Doa)
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Blue
Gender Male
Nationality Lacroa
Military Info
Occupation Wise Men

Noa, Coa & Doa are characters from Superior Defender Gundam Force.


Noa, Coa & Doa are triplets who are both Wise Men and the guardians of one of the Sacred Beasts of Lacroa. The magic surrounding the egg that the Sacred Beast is kept in protects them from being petrified when the Dark Axis attacks Lacroa, but they are forced to hide from the Pawn Leos and their masters.

After Zero proves that he is the legendary hero that shall save Lacroa, the trio give the egg containing the Sacred Beast to him. With the magic of the egg no longer protecting them, they too join their fellow Wise Men in being petrified till Zero can save Lacroa.


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