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  • Male
  • Mobile Suit Pilot
  • Mobile Worker Pilot
  • Drill Trainer
  • Unit Leader
Mobile Weapons

Norba Shino (ノルバ・シノ Noruba Shino?) is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Personality & Character

Norba's a big muscular guy with a cheerful attitude. Trying to brighten up his comrades. Wanting to make friends.  

Skills & Abilities


Shino is one of the orphans in CGS third corp.


Yamagi Gilmerton

Throughout the series, Norba and Yamagi have a very close relationship. Yamagi is personally in charge of maintaining Shino's suits since Season 1, and has expressed a desire to make sure that Norba doesn't die on his watch. It is heavily suggested that Yamagi harbors a crush on Shino.

Eugene Sevenstark

Buddies since childhood! Shino is known to tease and fight with Eugene to great extents, sometimes physically, and in return, Eugene shows little tolerance. However, there are many instances where they are shown to get along greatly and care for one another. This is evident when they spend a night partying together, every time Shino slings his arm around Eugene's shoulders, and when Shino cheers up a self deprecating Eugene in the hangers.

In season 2, their relationship continues to grow closer, showing that alongside their friendship, they also work together wonderfully as teammates and on the battlefield.


Notes & Trivia

  • Norba's favorite color seems to be magenta, as his mobile worker, combat visor on his combat suit, and the mobile suit are all painted in this color. He also name anything under his command, be it his unit or his mobile suits, as "Ryusei", which means "meteor" or "shooting star" in Japanese.
    • Considering Flauros is the "Ryusei-Go the 4th", it is implied that even his mobile worker was named as Ryusei-Go


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