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Hair Color
  • Black
  • 38
Birth Date
  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • Unit Commander
  • Mobile Suit Pilot
  • Colonel
Mobile Weapons

Norris Packard (ノリス・パッカード Norisu Pakkādo?) is a Zeon ace pilot featured in The 08th MS Team OVA. He piloted several mobile weapons throughout his career, including the MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom.

Personality & Skills

A loyal servant to Zeon's aristocratic Sahalin Family, Packard took care of the young Ginias and Aina siblings with kindness and dedication. Aina in particular, looked up to Packard as a surrogate father. Entrusted with the overall defense of Zeon's secret military base in Southeast Asia, Packard continued to keep an eye of the well beings of the Sahalin siblings while obeying the overall command of the increasingly erratic Ginias Sahalin as the Zeon's war situation on Earth worsened. When Aina suggested to evacuate the base personnel with Kerguelen cruiser, Packard showed his dedication and selflessness by volunteering to hold off Federation's attack.


Appearing in episode 2, he is on a tour of inspection of the base the 08th team is preparing to attack. He participates in the battle in his Zaku against Shiro's Ground type Gundam, but with the Gundam's greater fighting power and Shiro's quick thinking allow him to damage Norris's Zaku enough that he pulls back as the fight becomes hopeless. He is seen a few episodes later at a formal dinner party and then supporting Aina in a fighter jet as she test pilots. His fighter is damaged and retreats under orders reluctant to leave Aina in danger. He is seen later as his troops protect her down craft in a village as they repair it pulling out before the main battle begins.


Packard, in order to secure a safe route for Aina Sahalin's Zanzibar-class Kerguelen, goes out alone to a battle scarred city. There, he meets the 08th MS Team, who were protecting three important Guntanks used to bombard the enemy base. After easily defeating two Gundams and destroying two of the tanks, he encounters the team's commander, Shiro Amada. After a desperate fight to survive against Packard's superior skill, he manages to kill the Zeon pilot, but not without losing the last Guntank. His sacrifice is ultimately rendered worthless as the Kergeren is still destroyed by an Earth Federation GM Sniper, due to the orders of Earth Federation Captain Isan Ryer.

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