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The OMS-15RF RF Gyan appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam F90 manga.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Based on the data of the YMS-15 Gyan, the RF Gyan is the rarest of the RF series of mobile suits used by Mars Zeon. Like the original Gyan, the RF Gyan's design focuses on melee combat, and is not equipped with any ranged weapons. It is a high-performance machine that exceeds even the RF Gelgoog.


  • Heat Rod
A close-range weapon installed in the right arm of the RF Gyan. This retractable cable delivers a high-voltage electrical shock when it comes into contact with an enemy mobile suit, damaging its internal systems and stunning its pilot. The heat rod could also be superheated to give it cutting properties.
  • Beam Sword
Resembling a medieval knight's sword, the beam sword is the primary melee weapon of the RF Gyan. It has a high output and is specialized for slashing and piercing/stabbing attacks.
  • Shield
Shields are defensive equipment, essentially large slabs of stylized metal, designed to protect the equipped mobile suit from attacks that cannot be dodged that would otherwise damage or destroy the mobile suit. Shields are typically strong enough to take several explosions from light to medium sized explosives, and are treated with an anti-beam coating to block beam attacks. However as is the nature of physical objects, the shield takes a large amount of stress from the attacks and will only withstand so much punishment before breaking




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