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The OZ-06MS-SR2 Leo-R is a custom mobile suit assigned to Kratz Silvy, a pilot of OZ Prize's Stardust Knights. It first appeared in New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Dual Story: G-Unit.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A high performance, custom modified variant of OZ's Leo mobile suit. The Leo-R was the personal machine of Kratz Silvy. It has a slender, feminine form with hair-like projections along the back and enhanced shoulder armor. Its chief weapon is a beam duel lancer.


  • Beam Duel Lancer / Super Charged Beam Cannon
  • Shoulder Shield

Special Equipment & Features

  • Active Jammer Lead


The unit is totalled by Roche's L.O. Booster, prompting Silvy to upgrade to OZ-10VMSX-2 Gundam Burnlapius.

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