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OZ-06MS-SS1 Leo-S

Unit Type

Custom General-Purpose Mobile Suit




Model Number
  • OZ-06MS-SS1
Developed from
Known Pilots

General Characteristics

Pilot Accommodations
  • Pilot only (in standard cockpit in torso)
  • 2 x Beam Duel Saber
  • Beam Musket
Special Equipments and Features
  • Defensor Mantle

The OZ-06MS-SS1 Leo-S is a commander-type mobile suit assigned to Roche Nattono, leader of OZ Prize's Stardust Knights. It first appeared in New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Dual Story: G-Unit.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A high performance, custom modified variant of OZ's Leo mobile suit, the Leo-S features combat capabilities comparable to that of the OZ-00MS Tallgeese, which the Leo-S' design also takes inspiration from. The Leo-S is the personal machine of Roche Nattono, and featured notable customizations which included ornate gold decorations, modified shoulder armor and a defensor mantle (which could be used to conceal the Leo-S' actual fighting stance). Despite being an overall superior machine to the Leo, the Leo-S's weapons were fairly standard, consisting of a beam musket (a beam rifle customized to look like an matchlock rifle) and a pair of beam sabers.


  • Beam Duel Saber
  • Beam Musket

Special Equipment & Features

  • Defensor Mantle


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