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The OZ-07AMS Aries is a mass-produced aerial mobile suit in the After Colony timeline. The unit is featured in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Aries was built expressly for aerial combat. With its pair of jet engines and aerodynamic control surfaces the Aries is fully capable of independent atmospheric flight. The Aries is also one of the first transformable mobile suits capable of folding its legs up into its body for flight.

The Aries mobile suit's powerful jet engines allow the mobile suit to fly, and fight, at high atmospheric altitudes. Altitudes much higher than what standard fighter craft can maintain.

The Aries wings mounted a limited number of external hard-points where chain-rifles and missile pods could be loaded. Those same weapons could also be held in the hands of the Aries.

Technologically the Aries is far from being the most advanced machine, easily being outperformed by high-end mobile suits such as the OZ-00MS Tallgeese which is twenty years old. Even when compared to an OZ-06MS Leo using flight backpack, Aries is still inferior in term of speed and armor thickness, although Aries can maintain flight for much longer periods of time. It is also easily defeated by the OZ-12SMS Taurus mobile suits that have been modified for atmospheric flight.


  • Chain Rifle
A projectile weapon that can be mounted on the wings of the Aries or hand carried.
  • Missile Pod
An optional weapon that can be mounted on the wings of the Aries or hand carried.
  • Buster Rifle
A weapon borrowed from the XXXG-01W Wing Gundam, it can fire either a narrow beam akin to that of a beam rifle, or a huge blast like that of a beam cannon. Its energy supply allows only three shots in the latter mode.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Wing Hardpoints
The wings of the Aries has hardpoints in which it can mount additional weapons, like missile pods.


Like the Leo the OZ-07AMS Aries is another early mobile suit design that saw mass production for the forces of United Earth Sphere Alliance and the forces of OZ. Developed around the same time as the OZ-06MS Leo the Aries would serve as the primary aerial force of the world's armies for nearly twenty years. By the year A.C. 195, the Gundams would arrive on Earth and would destroy virtually all mobile suits that stood against them, including a large number of Aries mobile suits.

While the Aries would form the bulk of the aerial forces of the majority of the world, in the Sanc Kingdom they were phased out of service in favor of modified OZ-12SMS Taurus mobile suits.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The Aries's name is derived from "Aries" being the first Zodiac sign meaning "Ram".

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