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The OZ-07MS Tragos is an early mobile suit design by OZ. The unit is featured in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A spinoff of the OZ-06MS Leo, this squat mobile suit is often seen equipped with a hovercraft unit mounted over its legs, granting it greater mobility then a tank. In combat, it usually carries a pair of shoulder-mounted cannons, and serves primarily as a highly mobile artillery platform. When required, the hovercraft unit can be discarded, allowing the Tragos to traverse terrain impassible by the hovercraft using its own legs.


  • Beam Rifle
The light armament of the Tragos. Like the beam rifle of the Leo, it cannot destroy Gundanium Alloy with one shot. Even a barrage of fire is unlikely to destroy Gundanium alloy armor.
  • Cannon
The heavy armament of the Tragos. Two of these can be mounted, one on each shoulder.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Hovercraft System
An optional hovercraft can be attached over its legs for more mobility and speed. The hovercraft can be jettisoned if it is not needed in combat.


One of the earliest mobile suits manufactured by OZ, the OZ-07MS Tragos was designed primarily as a heavy fire support unit. In addition to being able to mount a pair of large cannons, the Tragos also had the option of a hovercraft system fitted over its legs, making it faster and more mobile on open and flat terrain. If necessary, the hover system could be ejected, allowing the Tragos to walk on its legs like a normal mobile suit.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The Tragos is one of the few OZ-produced mobile suit not named after a sign of the Zodiac or constellation - "Tragos" means "Goat" in Greek, though it could be considered a substitute for the tenth Zodiac sign of Capricorn, meaning "Sea-goat." Eventually however this Zodiac sign would receive a semi-official mobile suit, the OZ-11MS Capricorn.

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