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The OZ-10VMSX Gundam Aesculapius is the upgrade of the OZX-GU02A Gundam Geminass 02 appeared in the New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Dual Story: G-Unit manga and the Manga adaptation of ∀ Gundam series. It was piloted by MO-V's Odel Bernett and later by Corin Nander.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Based off the Geminass 02 in its basic configuration, the Aesculapius was configured as a heavy assault mobile suit capable of transforming into its "Close Combat" mobile armor mode. The unit retains the innovative feature known as the PX System present in the original version, which takes advantage of the increased adrenaline a pilot feels during combat and also increases the performance of the mobile suit, but does have a time limit which, if exceeded, has serious consequences for both the pilot and the suit. However, the Aesculapius' armaments have been substantially changed. The new backpack allows for a close combat mode where the backpack is mounted onto the head and the python claws on the shoulders mount over the hands like a pair of gloves. Other armaments include four new rapid shots, as well as two beam swords.


  • Beam Sword
  • Python Claw
  • Rapid Shot

Special Equipment & Features

The PX system takes advantage of the increased adrenaline a pilot feels during combat and also increases the performance of the mobile suit, but does have a time limit which, if exceeded, has serious consequences for both the pilot and the suit.
  • Mobile Armor Transformation system
  • High-Torque Thruster
  • Propellant Tank Leg
  • Active Jammer
  • Omnidirectional Active Scanner


Gundam Aesculapius is first used by OZ Prize pilot Roche Nattono during the early attacks on MO-V. However, after his inability to use it properly, it is given to Odel Bernett, who is working under the identity of Silver Clown. As Silver Clown, Odel smuggles the OZ-19MASX Gundam Griepe off the Grand Chariot to give to his brother Odin. When Odel's plan is discovered by OZ Prize commander Valder Farkill, he returns to MO-V and brings the Aesculapius with him.

In the Turn-A Gundam Manga, Corin Nander is seen piloting the said mobile suit instead of his customized AMX-109 Kapool.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Gundam Aesculapius's Close Combat mode is similar in appearance to the MSM-07 Z'Gok from the Universal Century.
  • Aesculapius is the Roman god of medicine and healing with its Greek counterpart being Asclepius. [1]

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