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The OZ-11MS Capricorn is a Mobile Doll unit based on the mass-produced OZ-06MS Leo. Originally intended to be used in Dekim Barton's second Operation Meteor, it was produced in large numbers but ultimately scrapped when Barton obtained the plans for the Serpent. It appears solely in the semi-official one-issue comic New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Sidestory: Tiel's Impulse.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Though the Mariemaia Army rose to prominence in December AC 196, nobody suspected that its real leader, Dekim Barton, had been planning and preparing for much longer. Preceding the development of their main mobile suit, the MMS-01 (OZ-17MS) Serpent, the organization created at least one unique machine on their own. Based on data taken from the OZ-06MS Leo, the OZ-11MS Capricorn used parts common to many OZ designs, including the Leo, Serpent and apparently even the OZ-13MSX2 Mercurius and OZ-13MSX1 Vayeate. As a test unit, the Capricorn exhibited good performance in all areas, though it was only armed with a pair of heat rods.


  • Heat Rod


The machine was originally intended to be a mobile suit, but was eventually converted into a mobile doll, especially after it was learned that the XXXG-01ST T'ien-Lung Gundam's Zero System could be used to more effectively coordinate mobile dolls. An unknown number of Capricorns were constructed, but two units were hidden in the Graveyard of Soldiers so that Krung Ponlaamai, who wished to defect to the Mariemaia Army, could fight off her former allies and make her escape.


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