The Oceania Union is a nation in the Cosmic Era encompassing the entirety of the continent of Oceania. The capital is located in Wellington, New Zealand. The nation aims to improves global competitiveness as well as its gross domestic product by actively accepting Coordinators as part of the labor workforce. It also shares military with Orb after the war they signed a treaty to share military with Orb if disasters or war. Little is known about this nation's activities during the First Alliance-PLANT War. They do go to war when Orb is attacked by the PLANTs.

Factions of the Cosmic Era
Earth Alliance
Atlantic Federation | Eurasian Federation | Republic of East Asia | South Africa Union | United States of South America | OMNI Enforcer | Blue Cosmos/Logos | Phantom Pain
PLANT Supreme Council | ZAFT | African Community | Oceania Union
Neutral Entities
Equatorial Union | Kingdom of Scandinavia | Orb Union | Three Ships Alliance/Clyne Faction | Terminal | DSSD | Mars Colony
Non-Governmental Organizations
Actaeon Industries | Adukurf Mechano-Industries | Fujiyama Company | Junk Guild | Serpent Tail | Morgenroete | Librarian Works

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